Dining at Gajalee.. An experience in itself!

My husband and I happened to watch a 7pm to 9 pm show at Inox, Camp one Sunday evening. We were famished by the time the show got over. As we ambled along in search of nearby restaurants, we caught glimpse of Gajalee. We had heard good reviews about the place from almost everyone who had visited this place before. Our love for sea food drew us to this restaurant as we looked forward to binging on some fish and prawns. As we entered this beautifully lit ambient restaurant, the staff greeted us with a smile. All the waiters wore batches bearing ‘Tell me if I’m not smiling’. The manager seated us on a table for two and asked us for our preferences. Without even looking at the menu card we ordered for tandoori pomfret as that is our most favoured fish. The manager looked a little perturbed at that as he wanted us to have a look at his entire menu and then decide. It was after we refused to order anything but pomfret, he called for some Bombil fry for us to taste. In the meanwhile he decided to show us the kitchen. The kitchen was spick and span with no smell of sea food even though they had baskets and crates full of fish and prawns. 1.5 kg pomfret, the humungous tiger prawns, the jumbo prawns were all neatly stored in ice boxes and live crabs in trays. image

Lobsters, tiger prawns , fresh water fishes
Lobsters, tiger prawns , fresh water fishes


As we walked along, we saw our fish being cooked in tandoor coated with red malvani sauce. It was truly a visual delight. image

As soon as we got back to our seats, we bit into some bombil fry with green mint and garlic chutney. This dish is sure to tingle your taste buds. With every morsel, we realized how unfortunate we were for having never tried this before.


As our pomfret took some time to get cooked, the manger wanted us to taste another of their speciality, clam koshimbir. Grated coconut cooked with the malwani masala and some parsley, made this dish very appetizing as we polished one shell after another.image

The pomfret in malwani sauce arrived. It looked vibrant enveloped in the fiery reddish orange sauce. As good as it looked, it tasted just as delicious. We relished every bit of the fish until we were packed and couldn’t imagine eating anymore.

Just then the manager asked us if we wanted to try some fish and rice? Before we could say no, he ordered a small portion of jasmine rice and some fish in red coconut curry . Its their signature dish and the best one to end your meal with. We were smitten by the service and the hospitality. However, this was not all. To end our seafood journey on a sweet note, we bit into some caramel custard. The custard laced with cream and caramel was a delicacy in itself as it sends you on a riot of flavours.


We couldn’t wait anymore. We knew it was time to leave. Before the manger could call for anything, we called for the cheque and left. Even as we exited, the courteous manager posed with us for a photograph and the staff lined up in a row to wave us goodbye. This was the sweetest adieu ever. We almost felt like VVIPs who were invited to Gajalee for dinner. Our tummies were full but our heart was housefull.

Dining at Gajalee was an experience in itself!

For anyone visiting the restaurant, I would recommend: The bombil fry, the clam koshimbir, rice with fish in red coconut gravy and the caramel custard Ambience: 5/5 Value for money: 4/5 Taste: 4/5 Service: 6/5 

Do check out my video here:

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