Get high at the – High!

If you have no place to go , just go to the High. This is one place in Pune that never disappoints! Be it any day of the week these guys dont fail to ensure you’re having a good time. Sitting in the heart of KP , High Spirits has been my goto destination since donkeys years. I have enjoyed this place ever since my college days. A good hangout place esp for those who enjoy music. Tuesdays is the karaoke night and Thursdays is the vintage night. Not to be missed is the Sunday cookout sessions. Its much talked about. I have always wanted to go for it but havent got a chance yet. Definitely want to go for it soon.

Ambience: Good. Just perfectly lit to help you enjoy that mug of beer or that pitcher of sangria. Does get crowded on Thursdays when they have special offers on drink.. a glass of beer is as cheap as Rs. 60 and a glass of sangria at Rs. 100. The last i had that cheap a drink was in goa! Crowded yet enjoyable. There’s seating outside as well as inside where you have the dance floor. I generally like the outside seating but thats my preference. The indoors is just as fun esp on karaoke nights where crowds just go berserk during their drunken singing.

Music: This place beats most places in KP for its music. Right from retro to pop to hip hop and rock, the DJ spins it all! There’s everything for every genre.

Food: We have often heard that patience is a virtue and you gotta exercise just that while you’re here. I dont blame these guys considering the crowds it draws. I love the chicken lollypop, wok fried guangdong chicken which is more like the chicken tossed in soy sauce, the fish and chips and the buffalo style chicken wings . The thin crust chicken pizza is also a must try.
FullSizeRender (11)
FullSizeRender (13)

Drinks: My personal favourite is the Sangria. However, this place also boasts of having the maximum variety of Martinis. Cranberry and Raspberry, Cranberry and rosemary mango, apple, lychee, pear watermelon, green apple mint cucumber .. have never seen so many before. They also house a huge variety of mojitos.
FullSizeRender (10)
FullSizeRender (12)

Staff: The staff is pretty courteous and attends to everything. You may not find them prompt and have to be reminded about your order one or twice.

Value of money: Yes. Their alcohol and food is quite reasonably priced. the rest depends on your capacity 🙂

For all those who havent been here before have definitely missed out on something. Well its still not too late! Put on your party shoes and get your ass at the high !

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