Tareef , Aundh Pune

I went to Tareef, Aundh branch, for lunch with my colleagues. We were hard pressed for time since we had to quickly eat and get back to work. Its a small restaurant tucked in a corner of the busy ITI Aundh Road next to the Crossword Mall. I had been there a few years back but the authentic Mughlai food served there was my calling.

Ambience: Good. Though there’s not much place to sit, two sections indoors and one section outside, the place does make you feel cozy. It has artistic wood carved interiors which takes you to the era of Mughals. Even though it was hot outside and the staff hadnt switched on the AC, the interiors were quite cool. Being a Thursday, there was no electricity. Everything was running on generator which finally gave up after an hour and a half so we were sweating it out in the heat. Thus, it would not be advisable to go there on a Thursday.

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Staff: The staff is courteous but they are a little slow in service. Definitely not a place for a quick bite. Preferred for evenings when you can eat at leisure.

Food: Food is good. The taste is authentic Mughlai. We tried the murg tangdi kulfi, lasooni fish tikka, cheese and corn balls which were very tasty. In the main course we ordered for Murgh Masalam which did disappoint us, Bhuna Gosht which was yum with tender mutton pieces and mutton biryani. The mutton biryani is highly recommended. The garlic naan also is worth trying. Not to be missed is their green mint chutney. The consistency, the taste and the flavour is just perfect!



Last but not the least: Value for money: The place definitely fits the bill on this parameter. Its an absolute value for money. We were a group of 9, ordered for 3-4 starters plus 4-5 dishes in maincourse and the bill just came to about 3.5k. Definitely a must try if you love Mughlai food.

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