If its Chinese .. its Mainland China!

Having craved for chinese for almost a month, going to Mainland China was an obvious choice. Located next to JW Marriot on Senapati Bapat Road, this Mainland China outlet is an ideal place for those who want to taste authentic Chinese food.

Dimly lit, this restaurant provides a soothing calming effect to your dining experience. An ideal place for office parties/ team outings/ birthdays. Though it may prove to be a little heavy on the pocket , those with the love for Chinese wont mind it.

Mainland China houses a huge variety of wines which can be easily seen from the table you are seated at. The wine bottles are all over the place neatly stored in racks. I love their white wine sangria. Most places sell the red wine sangria but its not easy to find the white one. Do try this if you’re someone who loves  white wine with a difference

This place has never disappointed me and most things i have tried here have been outstanding. There has never been a reason to complain about. However, my top favourites are:

The 8 Treasure Soup. It is a litte bland but it has a different taste to it. Try this out and i am sure you will not be disappointed.

Maoshi Chicken in Clay Pot: This includes tender pieces of chicken in brown sauce. This is best accompanied with vegetable/egg/chicken fried rice. The gravy is a little less so dont forget to ask for extra gravy the next time you order this dish.

Chilli Basil Fish in Clay Pot: For all the fish lovers out there, this will be a hot favourite. The fish almost melts in your mouth and the basil lends a characteristic flavour to your palate. I like it best with vegetable/egg/chicken fried rice. Do try this if you have a fetish for fish.

Amongst the desserts, i love the sizzling brownie with chocolate sauce, the date ice-cream garnished with crunchy almonds and dates, the ice-cream spring rolls which are stuffed with ice-cream. This hot cold combination lends an exciting flavour to this preparation. The honey noodles with almond flakes is also my favourite since it packs a punch with its crunchy noodles.
All in all , this restaurant is my favourite and like they say “if its chinese , it ought to be Mainland China”

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