Fishland – A flavourful journey through Manglorean cuisine.

When a fine dine sea food restaurant chooses to open their outlet in Bavdhan, it causes quite a stir among the local diners. We pack up our writing pads, cameras, some writing paraphernalia and loads of appetite before we meet the owners at this plush restaurant in Bavdhan.
When we arrive, we’re escorted through the restaurant and seated on a table exclusively reserved for the team at Moi Palate. Looking through the menu we realize, that its not a new chain of restaurants that we thought it to be but it has been in existence since the 1980s. This restaurant started its seafood journey in the 1980s from Banglore, serving authentic Mangalorean Sea Food Thali with varieties of fish, crabs and shellfish. With immense success and patrons wanting more, Fishland decided to open its doors to the fine dining concept in 1991. In 2014, they set up their very first outlet in Pune.



The restaurant is artistically decorated and contemporary in design. The bar has fish shaped shelves and the old monk bottle in the shape of an old man catches our fancy. The restaurant has a full fledged bar and houses an assortment of cocktails and mocktails.


To beat the 42 degrees outside, we start with some Iced Tea. That helps us cool down. We are a little confused with their elaborate menu, hence, the team decides to offer us their selection of starters. As we soak in the ambience, the waiters serve us Fishland Special Prawns which is a tangy crispy preparation in red sauce. It tickles our taste buds as we devour one prawn after another.


Before the next dish comes in, the team tells us that this ones their favourite and after we dig into the fish shammi kebab, we know why! Tender pieces of king fish melt into our mouth as the smoked flavor of the tandoor takes over.


Fishland also boasts of some northindian cuisine and they have a great variety for the vegetarians too. However, we stick to meat and we are led on to try their chilli chicken. This ones not for the faint hearted. Chunks of chicken marinated and enveloped in green chilli paste, take you through a fiery yet delicious journey through Food. The kick of chilli sets in as you have the last morsel of that pretty looking chicken leg marinated in green spice.


Next on the menu is the Fish 94. This gets its name from the year the masala was prepared. Yes, the ingredients of the masala were decided way back in 1994 and Fisland still carried on the tradition. Tossed in dried chillis and kadhipatta, this fish preparation in red sauce creates a wonderful balance of flavor. We couldn’t stop at just one.


Before we try the crabs, the team advises us to try out the BBQ tossed chicken and as we look around we notice that it also features in Today’s Special. Tender pieces of chicked tossed in BBQ sauce tickle our taste buds. Each flavor plays to the others strength creating a wonderful balance both in taste and texture. This for me was the star on the menu.


We feel looked after but our only concern, while we’re munching our way through our incredibly generous portions, is how we’re going to keep room for the crabs and main course. So, with some serious restraint, we stop eating and request for the crabs. The crabs look tasty and colourful and before we plump for them , a member from the team, very deftly demonstrates us how to best eat them. He makes the whole affair so easy but as we try that on our own, we realize it isn’t so. The crabs are meaty prepared in light Manglorean sauce. We tear at them like a small kid opening his birthday presents.
We are stuffed and not sure if we can dig into the main course but the team wants us to try their authentic Manglorean fish curry with rice. Before we finish our first morsel this dish quickly manages to win us over. The coconut flavor of the curry is overpowering. We are blown away by the flavours in our mouth. The chef sends us some light soft neer dosas to try with the fish curry. We are left speechless as we devour the velvety soft neer dosas.
We are thoroughly impressed with the food at Fishland and we develop a good rapport with the Team and the Chef as we click pictures to capture our fond memories with them.

Lastly we are served rasam in a typical chai glass which acts as a digestive.

For desserts, Fishland has a simple menu comprising ice cream, kulfi and walnut brownie which emphasizes what they actually specialize in and want their patrons to try, authentic sea food.
Overall, if you’re looking for a lunch or a dinner spot serving authentic Manglorean cuisine, then we’d say look no further than Fishland.

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