Flambos.. a micro brewery in the heart of Pune

Situated in the heart of bund garden road, this place is more than just a restaurant. It’s a Brew Pub. Having opened its doors to the public two years ago, this restaurant boasts of having served the best craft beers in Pune . So when we visit this restaurant, craft beer is our obvious choice. Their in house brewery seems impressive and while we stare at the huge fermenters, the staff walks us through the brewery. He is a beer expert who explains us how craft beer is made. A vessel for mixing barley malt, vessel for adding water, hops that gives beer its characteristic taste and seven 7 fermenters each for a different beer, he explains us the formula that goes into making a good beer. He relieves us of some guilt when he says “No glycerine and fat is added to our beers”. image The staff is courteous and gets us beer tasters before we take our seats at the table. We start with the Apple cider which is sweet, pungent and very refreshing. This is my firm favourite and before I can down the glass, the dark looking Irish stout is presented. This is the king of dark bitter ale, has hints of cocoa, coffee, smoky heavy and not very palatable but if you have a thing for guinness , you will surely vouch for this one. The Hefeweizen is light, golden coloured traditional wheat beer which was a welcome change after the bitter Irish stout. For those who prefer a creamier after taste, the Dunkelweizen is your answer. It’s a dark Bavarian wheat beer with mild orange flavour. The manager also gives a Sneak peek into three of their upcoming additions which is the amber ale, the apple lambick and the Indian pale Ale. But for me the apple cider was the star on the menu. We are tempted to order the Growlers which is a two litre flask which can be carried home lest you cannot get enough of your beer. image As we soak in the rustic ambience of this brew-pub with wooden furniture and the walls bearing pictures of rock stars, actors, sportsmen, we are presented with the “Indian Platter” which is the latest addition to their menu. The fish tikka is tender, melts in our mouth while the lemon and chilli in the red sauce tickles our taste buds. The Banjara Tikka has a hint of parsley and is spicy. The chicken is a little raw which lends it a dry aftertaste. The peshawari tikka is sweeter, milder and is for those who like it less spicy. The chicken tikka is tangy, marinated in red sauce and has a very Indian taste to it. image While we leaf through the ambitious menu, comprising Mexican, Italian, Indian, the manager informs us that the restaurant was nominated for the Times Award for the best Mexican restaurant. The disclosure helps and we turn our attention to Mexican food. We start with some nachos. The portions are fairly huge. The Nachos are loaded with jalapenos, beans, colorful bell peppers and plentiful cheese sauce. As we bite into them, we realize that this is one of the few places In Pune serving the best Nachos. The flavours are spot on and the salsa sauce has a good kick to it. The nachos are morishly delectable and before we fill our stomachs with just that we order for some Burritos which is a huge wheat and corn roll stuffed with chicken, salsa sauce, rice , cheese and beans. The roll is soft and each bite into the burritos is a revelation. Sweet yet spicy, tangy yet mild, the riot of flavours on our palate just blow us away. image We are tempted to order some more but by the time we are done with the beers, kebabs, nachos and the burritos we are heading dangerously close to a food coma. An entire afternoon could be sucked away, sipping your favourite craft beer along with those cheesy, crunchy nachos. They even have a live band playing every Friday. So if you’re looking for a place that serves some great craft beer with good music, Flambos is your answer. A meal for two would cost : Rs. 2000


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