Eternia at Skye- A delicious rooftop!

Serving indian, oriental and italian, eternia by skye is one of the few rooftop restaurants in Pune that not only promise you good food but also a great time.


It was on a Monday evening after we had battled our Monday morning blues that the team at Moi Palate visited this restaurant. We were greeted by the staff who walked us through the beautiful corridor bearing pictures of Elvis Presley, Beatles and various other artists. Dimmed neon lights illuminated the frames and made the walk surreal. We were shown a table at the terrace. We partook in some spectacular views of the city as we admired the city lights and the skyscrapers.

The restaurant is chic, has an element of fun and has a contemporary choice of music that will ensure you a good time while you are sipping on your martini or slugging that bottle of beer. The bar is illuminated in pink and blue neon, the plants in green and the beautiful candles arranged on the table tops add that extra magic to your regular dining experience. The seating for two could get a little crammed up so its advisable to reserve a bigger table.

Even on a Monday, the restaurant is busy, a sign of popularity the restaurant enjoys.  The waiter hands us the bar menu which seems elaborate. However, we resort to taking the waiters advice on the choice of drinks. We start with the watermelon caprioska which looks so delightfully fantastic that we take a sip only after we are done with a few selfies with the drink. As good as it looks, it tastes just as fantastic. We sip on the pink and red caprioska to the company of some good music and a pleasant breeze.
The waiter gets us the starters menu and courteously asks us for our choice of starters.

We start with the paneer peshawari which comprises paneer and vegetables skewed together in a tandoor marinated in the choicest of indian spices. Squeeze a hint of lemon and that injects that extra zing and makes the dish more flavourful. Next on the menu is a rather interesting mix of asparagus with cheese. Asparagus stems sautéed and smoked in oil and topped with a slice of cheddar make this dish stand out from the rest. One could turn vegan with dishes like these.

Palak galouti was another from the vegetarian section. More like a kebab, this dish is bland and lacks the punch of the previous two starters.

From the non- vegetarian category, we relish the tender, buttery and the fiery seekh kebabs. They just melt in our mouth and is an epitome of comfort food. Beware the fiery hot aftertaste. Sip on some caprioska to wash down the decadent kebabs.

The music gets louder as the night grows and so does the alcohol.We are looked after well by the staff.

The waiter gets us some fish garlic in pesto sauce. Being fish lovers, we eagerly wait to bite into this dish but it doesn’t deliver the taste it promises to! Chunks of garlic overpower the oceanic flavours leaving our palates confused.

Amongst the chicken starters, the Bhatti da murgh has generous portions of chicken tandoored, well spiced and marinated packing loads of depth of flavour.

Biting into the chicken wantons which is an oriental speciality is also an absolute delight.

We are running into a food coma by the end of this but the staff insists we try their signature dish- Dal Eternia. This truly is the star of the show. Prepared in butter and desi ghee and pounded and cooked overnight, the combination of flavours is a true delight. We lap up the plate between us in no time. This dish is accompanied with Chura paratha which is an interesting version of a paratha. We also try the chicken lababdar which is delicious but no match to the dal Eternia.  Before we can call for the cheque, the waiter announces ‘kuch meetha ho jaye’ and gets us generous portions of caramel custard and the banana pastry. Zig zag lines of chocolate run across the plate that make us marvel at the presentation.

The caramel pudding is soft, light and just the right temperature and sweetness. Absolutely delightful. The banana cake is another cherry on top of an already beautiful cake.

We couldn’t resist but meet the chef.

As we left we were already planning our next visit to the restaurant.

Recommendation: Though a little heavy on the pocket, if you’re looking for a special place to celebrate special occasions – your wedding anniversary or your wife’s birthday or trying to impress your new found love – then Eternia at Skye is your answer.

Food: 3.5/5

Ambience: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Overall experience: 4/5

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