Aufside at Hotfut, Kumar Pacific Mall, Pune 3.5/5


Looking for the chicest sports bar in town and haven’t found one yet. Well! There’s no need to travel to Mumbai anymore! We at Moi Palate have found an answer to your prayers!  Introducing a really  cool sports bar in town , Aufside at Hotfut has everything it takes to turn your regular dining experience into an evening of fun and games !

Situated on the ‘aufside’ (offside) , as the name suggests, on the 3rd floor of the Kumar Pacific Mall, Aufside at Hotfut  is a cozy little sports bar that has caused quite a stir amongst Puneites.

Blessed with an indoor and outdoor seating, high tables and loads of games , all you sport fanatics will not only like Aufside but looovee it! The outdoor seating is equipped with a  foosball table and the indoors with dart boards and board games. We are told that they plan to have “Game Wednesdays” where they plan on introducing games like flip cup, dart and board games for the patrons soon. So for all those who love to drink and play both at the same time, look out for this one.

As we arrive, we are greeted by the staff who show us a table for four. We choose to sit indoors and as well settle on our seats the sports paraphernalia catches our fancy! Sachin on one, Sir Alex Fergusson on the other, Beckham and Messi amongst the others, make the walls look impressive . Overlooking the window, is a beautiful grass court for football fans which can be booked at reasonable hourly rates.

We start with Margarita and the Aufside Trap which is a refreshing opening to the evening. The Aufside Trap is a concoction of  Vodka, orange juice, hazelnut , blue curacao and ginger syrup –  healthy but potent :). The cocktails are reasonably priced and don’t give you a heart attack once you have overcome your hangover. For starters, we try the Jalapeno cheese balls accompanied with the tangy Santa Monica sauce. The cheese balls are creamy and smooth while the sauce has a good kick to it! Next on our platter is the butter grilled Prawns drizzled with spices and herbs. The prawns are fairly big in size and the marination is wonderful.

 From the vegetarian menu, we try the grilled mushrooms sautéed in butter. Though a little bland, they are packed with flavours of oregano. We feel that the dish can be best enjoyed with Santa Monica sauce. Once we are done with the mushrooms, we plump for the delish looking BBQ Chicken Wings. Reddish brown in colour and arranged neatly on a dark brown plate to the accompaniment of salad, the dish is every non-vegeterians delight. The chicken is tender and the sauce has serious depth of flavor. This  definitely is the star on the menu.  For the mains, diners have a huge array of burgers, hot dogs, fries and delectable Italian to choose from. We start with Italian. Vegetable Crepe stuffed with spinach and cheese and enveloped with white sauce. This dish is buttery, soft , smooth and the flavor of the spinach lends a surprise element to the dish. Each flavor is unique and plays to the other strength creating a wonderful balance of flavor both in taste and texture! The BBQ Chicken Pizza is delectable. Simple in presentation but bold in flavor. The BBQ sauce tickles our taste buds and leaves us craving for more. The Chicken Stroganoff is next on our plate and another dish from the Italian menu. Given a choice between the chicken stroganoff and the vegetable crepe and the pizza, the stroganoff can be totally skipped.  This fails to pack as much punch as do the other two !

By the time we are done with the above dishes, we are running into a food coma. However, we couldn’t resist the Triple Deck  Mousse. It looks inviting. We dig our spoons cutting through the layers of chocolate having different degrees of richness and all we could do after we have a bite of this sinful dessert is coo!  

Service: The service is good. The managers ensure that guests are looked after well and they treat you more like a friend than as a customer!
Recommendation: If you eat sleep and drink sports, or if you want to catch your favourite match on the big screen or if you want to  turn your regular dining experience into an evening of fun and games, look no further than Aufside!

Check out this short video we have compiled for the restaurant: Video-Aufside at Hotfut

Ambience: 3.5/5

Food: 4/5

Service: 3.5/5

Overall Rating : 3.5/5

Hope you like!


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