Iftar offerings this Ramadan!

 When you are born in a country that embraces each festival with open arms, you cant help but feel lucky and be a part of it! It was this celebration of unity in diversity and good food, that transported all of us at Moi Palate to the streets of Kondhwa in Pune.

Ramadan is the holy month in the Islamic Calendar which is observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting. The month lasts 29–30 days based on the visual sightings of the crescent moon.

Iftar is the evening meal when Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at Sunset.

Beautifully lit in neon green, one couldn’t miss the excitement in the by lanes that brought in Iftar with great gusto! We packed our photography paraphernalia and loads of appetite as we drove on to be a part of this excitement in this festive lane.

 The aroma of the smoked chicken in the tandoor, the seekh kebabs cooked over the charcoal, vegetable samosas in the frying pan, the rann being simmered in a pot, the gorgeous looking deep fried malpuvas, couldnt be missed. They stoked our hunger!


As we entered, we saw many stalls arranged in a row, beautifully covered in white and each dishing out unique delicacies!

We started with the Chicken Chakori which comprised chunks of chicken in delectable red sauce and enveloped with grated cheese. It truly was a visual delight. Capturing those vibrant colours would be every photographers dream!

The Chicken Roll was also prepared in the same shocking red sauce with a dash of orange but unlike the small chunks of chicken as were served in Chicken Chakori, the chicken was rolled up like a seekh kebab.

The Chicken Satay was another delicacy where the chicken was cut in narrow triangular portions and smoked on skewers for easy eating!


The Tandoori Chicken was mouthwateringly delicious and was well cooked in a tandoor. The meat was tender, well smoked and was served with onions coated with red chilly and a dash of lime. The preparation tickled our taste buds and left us craving for more!



The Fried Chicken Leg comprised chicken legs being fried in a large frying pan. Large chunks of chicken legs were fried and we lapped it between us in no time! Reddish brown chicken legs displayed in the stalls, was a visual delight!

The Chicken Kadhai looked just as delicious.  Unlike the fried chicken legs, this included an entire chicken being fried. It could easily serve 4 people.


Seekh Kebabs: This comprised Mutton mince mixed with onions and spices to form this delicious seekh kababs. The kebabs were tender and melted in our mouth. Biting into these was an absolute delight!



For the mains, they had the Chicken Mutton Khatakhat. The name was quite intriguing and was prepared in a green curry.

 We did not get a chance to taste it as the Murg Masallam looked more inviting! So there we were enjoying every morsel of the tandoori roti and murg masalam.
The Chicken Nihari was another from the mains in which the chicken is prepared in red curry! However this is a spicier option. So for those who can handle a lot of spice, should try this!

The Mutton Kheema was also an absolute delicacy. It consisted of minced mutton cooked with Indian spices until it became so tender that it melts in your mouth. Keema accompanied with tandoori roti or some buns (pav) is absolutely recommended.

Though we did not try, we watched with amazement as the chef bbqued the Gosht! Dripping in oil and butter, this looked mouthwateringly delicious!



And now for the desserts!

Malpua: As much as we enjoyed watching it being cooked in the large frying pan, biting into it was equally enjoyable! Huge mustard coloured malpuas dripping in the sweet syrup made our mouths water. It was served with loads of cream that  almost melted on the malpuas.

Firni: This was delectable and was drizzled with roasted almonds. We had spoonfuls of this creamy milki dessert as we swore by the uniqueness of its taste.

Halwa Paratha: This was another dessert which looked wonderful! Though we couldnt try it we loved photographing this dessert! Mounds of dessicated coconuts were arranged on the orange halwa parathas. I found this quite fascinating as i had never seen this before!


Double ka meetha: This was a bread pudding prepared in sweetened milk and garnished with almonds.

The meal was prepared by Sharif Caterers. These guys know how to make your Iftar evenings absolutely delicious!

So if you have missed out on your share of Iftar this Ramadan, be sure to not miss out on the next one the coming year!

As for us at Moi Palate, we thoroughly enjoyed our food trail, soaking in the aromas, capturing and indulging in the delightful hungry stoking delicacies. We are already waiting for our Iftar spread next year!

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