Zomato MeetUp at Frozen Monkey

There are some places that appeal to you for their food while there are others that haunt you for their drinks. And then there are others that draw you for both! Frozen monkey is one of them.
I recently visited this restaurant as a part of the #ZomatoMeetup.

Ambience: Before you even step into the restaurant, you will notice young college kids posing enthusiastically in front of the photo booth, some chatting animatedly about how they bunked school and caught the 3-6 show at the chic E-square multiplex where this restaurant is situated.
As we entered, we were swooned by the lounge like ambience, neon lighting, artistic chairs to recline on and televisions stationed everywhere to broadcast the photos taken at each table. When it comes to technology, these guys sure know how to best use it. Foot tapping music that will get you dancing through the night, a bar that stretches the entire length of the restaurant and economically priced drinks, are some of the things that make this place a hit amongst youngsters. Mostly haunted by college goers, this place is crowded on almost all days of the week.

Food: We started with a delicious looking mocktail, Kiwi salsa, that had the right mix of everything. The sweet and sour taste of the kiwi topped with a cherry and served in an artistic wide bottomed glass added to the glam quotient of this attractive looking drink.

Kiwi Salsa

Amongst the cocktails, we sipped mouthfuls of the Mud slide which was more like baileys served with a brownie. This drink was tasty and we lapped it up between us in no time. The taste of coffee complemented with chocolate made this drink a hit amongst all of us.

Mud Slide

The restaurant also has a huge array of interesting cocktails like the monkey LIIT, the acharito mojito and several others which are worth trying.



To munch on something while we sipped on our drinks, we were presented with a bag of croutons, chicken 69 and crunchy shrimps. The bag of croutons drizzled with cheese were moreishly delectable. The chicken 69 tasted fantastic that made it fun to munch on. However, the crunchy shrimps were a little salty and looking at the plethora of appetizers and the main course that awaited us, we did not delve much on the prawns.


The restaurant specializes in finger food. This meant we had a lot of appetisers to choose from. We tried the Chicken n bean tacos, the garlic and cheese focaccia, the sharabi prawns, chipotle honey baked wings, stuffed mushrooms, grilled pesto prawn skewers and the chicken crisper. The chicken n bean tacos were very artistic and presented on a taco stand. The beans and the chicken in the tacos had interesting flavours and the dish was wonderfully balanced both in taste and texture. The stuffed mushrooms had a little earthy taste which did not impress us much. The garlic and cheese focaccia was an interesting addition to the appetisers. Mozzarella and cheddar cheese over the soft garlic foccacia tasted fresh and delicious.

Stuffed Mushrooms
Garlic Bread Foccacia


The sharabi prawns were a little salty so we did not delve much on it. The chipotle honey baked wings were succulent, tender and prepared in a tasty bbq sauce. The sweet n spicy bbq sauce injected the right kind of zest to our palates and made it a hit amongst us. The grilled pesto prawns skewers were loaded with pesto sauce which did not go down too well. The pesto sauce was a little overpowering. We were hoping for more of the oceanic flavours of the prawns. The chicken crisper was coated with corn flakes. We loved biting into these crispers. We would go as far as saying that these are the best crispers we have had till date.

Chicken Crispers


Mains: For mains we ordered for the bbq chicken pizza which was mouthwateringly delicious. The pizza was loaded with cheese and every bite into the pizza was a revelation of sweet and spicy flavours. We couldn’t get enough of these succulent cheesy pizzas.

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Next we tried the Cape Malay fish curry and the passage to India. This was presented to us on a long artistic platter. The fish was fresh and was smeared with red curry paste. The coriander rice served with the Cape Malay fish was a high voltage pairing.

Malay Fish Curry

The passage to India comprised of chicken breasts served with mashed potatoes and a dash of curry.

Passage to India

We also indulged in mouthfuls of the Curried chicken burger which was a fantastic addition to the mains. It Consisted of layers of meat, jalapeños that made every bite oozing with flavours. This certainly lived up to our expectation of great burgers.

For Desserts, we tried the Tres leeches and the Molten chocolate cake loaded with ice cream.

While the tres leeches was a soft cake topped with cream, the molten chocolate cake was an interesting potion of molten chocolate filled inside a chocolate cake cavity. The gooey chocolate cake and molten chocolate was sindelicious.

Tres Leeches


Molten Chocolate Cake

Recommendation: This place is for those young at heart, who have a passion for music and dote finger food to go with reasonably priced drinks.
It was great meeting our fellow Zomans, Neha Joshi, Sahil Khan, Supriya Dutta, Sid Shetye,

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