Featured Post: Food App Review “PepperTap”

PepperTap-  The hottest app that tapped all my tensions away!

pepper tap

Imagine a situation when you open the fridge door and suddenly realize you don’t have any vegetable left to cook for the next day, or you have run out of salt, or still worse- the green tea bags that infuse life into your daily drill are out of the shelf. And you promised yourself to buy some stuff the previous day but it just slipped out of mind. Its 10 pm, you are completely out after a hectic schedule and hardly have energy to step out. And even if you do, most shops might have downed their shutters. What do you do?  I was faced with a similar situation and I didn’t know what to do. Its then when I discovered Pepper Tap.

How does it work?

Download the app or logon to Pepper Tap and get shopping. Its that simple. The interface is user friendly and the app has a huge range of varieties to select from.  The deliveries start from 10 am and go on till 10 pm and you can schedule the delivery within 2 hours of placing the order.

Products: The selection includes groceries, fruits/veggies,  home and hygiene products like dish washers, fabric conditioners, room fresheners, liquid soaps etc.  They even have inclusions like Breakfast and Dairy products (butter, cheese, eggs )and  Bath and Body products like shower gels, hair oils, face care and even some female hygiene products like  hair removal cream, Gillete razor etc.  For all those women out there who live by the hour and realize what they need just when necessity strikes, this app is for them.

Pricing: The products are very competitively priced. They don’t charge you anything  extra  for delivering at your doorstep if your invoice amount is more than Rs. 250/- which I found very reasonable. So much for convenience.  Moreover, newly-signed-up users have a reason to cheer. They can avail a cool 20% discount coupon on the purchase of their choice, like I did. I ordered for oats, a bleach and toiletries that were neatly delivered to me ON TIME in a lovely Pepper Tap Bag. I found this really cool as opposed to the huge cardboard boxes that are otherwise delivered with other apps. Not only storing those boxes in the house becomes a huge problem but also  their disposals not easy.

Experience: These guys at PepperTap are quite professionals, prompt in every way possible. As soon as I ordered I got a message on my phone saying my order had been accepted. Just before the order was out for delivery they sent me another message saying they’ll be at my door step soon. This really helped me plan better.  And at so much convenience.

Though initially I was a little apprehensive about the quality of the products and the reliability of the app, I must say I found my saviour. Not only do I NOT have to wake up early on a Sunday morning and  make a beeline for the bhaaji mandi  but also NOT be worried about the butter or the eggs that finished yesterday.  Now I order most things while I am at work and select a suitable delivery time to carry them  home. I am a much happier person now.

Thank you PepperTap!

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