Frisco.. A great place to hang out!

It was another fun food review session with the Team-Carpe Diem at Frisco Pune. Nestled in a beautiful lane of Kalyani Nagar, this restaurant is more than just inviting; not only for its decor but also for the delicious food that chef Sanjay Kulkarni dishes out.  As we enter we are completely swept away by the modern decor, the contemporary paintings on the wall, that are well illuminated and hogging many an eyeballs. There are beautiful lamps too, hanging from the overhead roof that add the much needed warmth.




As cozy as the seating downstairs is, the seating in the upper attic is as delightful. The purple and white upholstery strikes the right notes and makes the seating attractive.



The attractive menu was rolled out and presented us in the most chicest of ways.


We start with the thai iced tea which has a lingering taste of cinnamon. This is one of the rarest iced teas i have had. Neither does it look like one nor does it taste like an iced tea. This easily became our favourite.


The Hibiscus tea was also fabulous.

Hibiscus Tea

The ac was a little high so the leek soup provided the much needed warmth. Apart from that The thick soup did not impress us much.

The salads were a visual delight. Colourful, fresh and served with interestingly delicious marinades, the salad was great palate cleanser.



The nachos dressed with cheese sauce was a high voltage pairing and was mouthwateringly delicious. Yhere are very few places in Pune that serve great Nachos and Frisco is definitely one of them.



The chicken starter was succulent, tender and packed with a lot of flavour. This too was a definite hit.


What blew us away was the fish and crisp. Served with lettuce, chips and tartar sauce, the crispy fish made us ravenous. We would go as far as saying that this is the best fish crispy we have had so far! Priced at Rs. 360 this was a steal!


The crispy potatoes were next on the menu. While most of our fellow foodies enjoyed it, we thought this dish could have been better spiced and crispier. However, the dish certainly gets full marks for the presentation.


We were heading into a food coma and we still had the mains left.

The pizzas were thin crust and looked beautiful with their bright yellow, green dressings. The chicken pizZa was just ok but the vegetarian one actually tickled our taste buds and had the perfect tangy flavours.



We couldnt say no to the sea grilled basa that looked inviting on the black platter dressed with marinades.

Sea grilled basa

The marinades elevated the basa to new levels and was moreishly delectable.

Last but not the least, the potato lentigiane packed a punch with its unique flavours. This was also beautifully presented and tasted just as fantastic.


Before we left, the chef wanted us to bite into some sweetness. The blueberry cheese cake and the walnut brownie with ice cream. The blueberry cheese cake was the highlight of the evening. We couldnt put our spoons down and this had a candy like effect on us: addictive and awesome!


The brownie looked great but definitely wasnt as overpowering as the cheesecake.


An evening at Frisco calls for a lovely evening out with friends. Its delivers more than it promises and the prices are just as great!
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