Pepper Tap App- more than a saviour! 

Pepper TapWhile I have been hooked onto this app for more than a month for my grocery and toiletries needs, there have been several incidents that make me believe this app is indispensable.

One such incident is that:

I was driving to Mumbai from Pune since I had a flight to catch to Turkey early next morning but I realized that I had forgotten to pack a few essentials that I would need on my trip abroad. I could have picked them up after I reached Mumbai but that night it was raining terribly and having started from Pune at 7 pm, it would be late by the time I reached Mumbai. Moreover, I was on the Mumbai Pune expressway where nothing’s good but food malls. Thus, there was no place where I would have got the bath and body products as well as some toiletries I urgently needed to see me through my 7 day trip in Turkey.

I desperately needed an eyeliner, a lip balm, a clean n clear face wash and a facial skin toner. Some quintessential things every girl needs on her trip especially when she is abroad.


It was then that I logged on to PepperTap and ordered these products online. Since the products are delivered within 2 hours in PepperTap, I was really benefited from this feature. I was going to stay with my cousin in Mumbai for a few hours before I boarded my flight. Thus, I listed her address in Mumbai and before I reached, the products were neatly delivered to her address in a lovely PepperTap packing. The bath and body section of the pepper tap app also has other products like a shower gel, various types of shampoos, soaps, conditioners, deodorants and hygiene products that are priced at the same cost as in the store or less.

Pepper Tap really was my savior as I would have been handicapped without these things on my trip.

Another situation when pepper tap came to my rescue was when my boss decided to drop at my place, giving me a very short notice. I was left with just two options: either to go out and shop for some fruits and vegetables and some groceries or stay at home and tidy the house. Thanks to Pepper Tap, I ordered vegetables and some grocery items like besan, wheat flour, basmati rice on the app. Not only did they deliver the articles before time but also earned me brownie points at work. She appreciated my beautiful little dwelling as well as loved the food I had prepared for her.

Pepper Tap is Godsent app that bails you out in difficult situations like these. Besides the variety of products on the app is also impressive, thus making me a fan of this app

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