Turkish Cuisine and how it haunts you even after you’re back!

Turkey.. a magical land that mesmerises you with its grand mosques, white travertines, opulent palaces and jaw dropping vistas. It is this confluence of Asian and European cultures that makes Turkey a beautiful hotspot!

Home to the Greeks, Ottomans and Byzantines, this bewildering mix of cultures has had an impact on Turkish cuisine as well. From succulent Kebaps to the flavoursome mezze platters, this magical land is a foodies delight!

Lets take a look at some of these:

Turkish Coffee: Head to Fazil Bey in Istanbul that is famous for its Turkish coffee that is made by freshly ground coffee beans. Dont forget to try this with the famous Turkish Delights that will help you get over the bitter after-taste.



Turkey is synonymous to Kebaps, so if you happen to visit Turkey, trying out Kebaps must be on your to-do list. From the famous Doner kebap to the Shish kebap; there are nearly 40 varieties of kebaps in Turkey. These kebaps can be had in bread like a sandwich or with rice and salad and in a wrap , popularly called Durum.

There are other popular and delicious kebaps like the Adana, Ciger, Iskinder, Testi, Tandir and Hunkari to name a few. These kebaps are sure to erase any of your former lacklustre memories of kebabs!


Mezze: These are just like the dips that are a great way to start your meal. A Traditional Turkish restaurant will have the waiter displaying a humongous platter of the mezze. The mezze includes: Feta, spicy pickled beetroot, yoghurt mezze, braised beans, hummus, prawns salad, grain salads etc. This delicious array could easily pass off as a meal as you would find yourself nibbling, dipping, savouring chunks of bread with the delectable mezze.




Dolma: These are vegetables stuffed with rice fillings. The vegetables could include bell pepper, tomatoes, egg plant, zucchini or vine leaves. Dolmas can be had hot or cold based on your preference. The hot dolmas generally include vegetables stuffed with meat and served with egg-lemon or garlic yoghurt sauce. The Rice filled Dolmas are served cold and form a part of the mezze platter or are served as a side dish accompanying the main course.

Baklava: This is the most popular dessert in turkey. Dont miss the Baklava of Hafiz Mustafa 1864. This restaurant serves some of the best and baklavas in different varieties.

Turkish Ice-cream: Popularly called ‘Dondurma’, what make this ice-cream different is its elastic texture and intense flavour that comes from salep which is the powder of orchid bulbs. The ice-cream is definitely worth a try but what is more interesting is the little act put up by the ice-cream vendors before they hand you that scoop of goodness! If there is a list of foods you should taste before you die, this chewy ice cream must be on the top!



Chk out this video of the Turkish vendor serving ice cream

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