212 All Day Cafe & Bar- The chicest new cafe in town!

Ask any New Yorker and you would know how coveted a 212 is! These were the first three digits that identified a New Yorker from the rest ! 212 is more of a status symbol than just a regular area code.
So it was the same New Yorker feeling  we got when we walked into this chic cafe situated in Phoenix Market City serving European food!

As you enter you notice the artistically decorated walls covered with green and black eggs in egg holders. The other wall houses colourful bottles, cushion covers displaying modern art , cutlery and vessels made of steel, thus, lending a homely touch to the cafe.

We started off on  a healthy note with the Caesar salad and the  spiced arugula and feta. Both the salads were fresh and deliciously served with right amount of dressing and love! Tasted fantastic.

Spiced arugula and feta


Then came the mushroom and the pesto soup shots! The piping hot soup complemented the air conditioned interiors.



The Gambas calliente prawns were medium sized and succulent. The Seared chicken skewers were well spiced and tender.

The piquant Buffalo chicken wings had the right element of tanginess that added this to our list of favourites.

The restaurant is currently serving only non-alcoholic drinks. However, by the end of this month you can enjoy alcoholic drinks as well.
So we chose to sip on ice tea which was a perfect pairing with the starters. The restaurant also has an al fresco seating that is perfect for brunch or for a quiet candle-lit dinner.

The star on the menu was what came next- the crumbling chicken crostini! This was a filo pastry topped with shredded chicken in mayo. As much as we tried we couldnt stop at just one. We lapped up the entire platter in no time.


We munched into some delicious looking Barbeque chicken pizza. Every bite was bagful of flavour and the crust had the perfect element of crunch! The bbq sauce uplifted the flavours of the pizza and made it our firm favourite.


Now was time for the main course. We started with the Spaghetti bolognaise, the Chargrilled chicken breast, Cajun spiced shrimps and Cottage cheese steak.

Cottage cheese steak

The pesto in the sphagetti bolognaise was a little over powering which did not impress us much.


What came as a surprise was  the cottage cheese steak. It was cheesy, creamy and a delicious opening to our main course. The cajun spiced shrimps and the chargrilled chicken breast was good but we would not go as far as saying it was great!

This gastronomical journey  ended on a sweet note with the interesting Dessert samplers- carrot cake, tiramisu and triple mud pie cake. All three were par excellence. You can blindly go and order any one of these.  As for us, we really loved the Carrot Cake. This was well made, with flavours of carrot and cinnamon being highlighted.

Carrot Cake

In the end we would only like to re-iterate what the chef says that when you cook with a smile , the dish turns out to be more delicious. And we totally vouch for that!

Service: 4/5

Ambience: 4/5

Food: 4/5

Overall rating: 4/5

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