Cream Centre, Pune – A vegetarian delight!

Navratra calls for fasting and feasting . However, the feasting is strictly vegetarian. This led us to look for places serving exquisite vegetarian spread and we chanced upon the newly opened Cream Centre in Hotel Woodland near Sadhu Vaswani Chowk.
Nestled in pristine interiors, this restaurant has two openings. One that is the artistic wood-panelled entrance whereas the other is the greener, mowed lawn entrance that lends a natural calm and greenery to the restaurant. 12120070_898326483585271_7815812139452828805_o

The place has a huge vegetarian spread, therefore, choosing what to start with was a dilemma in itself. We started with the Dahi papdi chaat that tickled our taste buds. The legumes in the chaat added the health quotient to this chatpata starter. The onion rings looks tempting , however, being a little oily, didnt appeal to us all that much.
Who doesnt love cheese and when it comes to cheesy starters, we just couldnt resist. Hence, we plumped at the American corn and cheese croquets that melted in our mouths and were just what we were looking in a cheese balls.


To quench our thirst on a hot October afternoon, the Peach and Apricot Sunset drive was all that we could have asked for. Deliciously refreshing, we wished this apricot and peach sun never set!


The Restaurant has other knick knacks like the Cheese chili toast, Paneer ka baap tikka, the ragada  pattice and the Mexican nachos with cheese sauce and bell pepper. While the cheese chili toast was cheesy and crunchy, the paneer was indeed a baap of all tikkas. The restaurant has a special and an exclusive vendor who supplies them creamy soft fresh paneer daily. No wonder the paneer tikka was soft and enrobed our taste buds with rich creamy taste of the paneer. This dish is certainly not to be missed!






The ragada pattice is another one from the chaat options and comes with a lip smacking chutney with it.


The nachos are something you should not miss out on. We think they taste fantastic with the cheese sauce and the bell pepper!


The chole bhature was something we were eagerly waiting for! We had heard a lot about the chola bhatura here and indeed we can confidently say that this place serves one of the best chola bhatura in town. The cholas have a different element of spice and flavour to it, which is amiss in most cholas we have had so far!

The Mushroom Ragout pizza looked more like it was topped with kheema instead of mushroom. The minced mushrooms also did equal justice to accentuating flavours of the pizza.


We were running into a food coma, However, when the Paneer ka baap sizzler was presented, we couldnt help but say no to it. Every bite of the panner sizzler was so full of flavour, we found it difficult to put our spoon down!

The Baked penne pasta was good but not great! We thought it lacked the consistency of a good pasta.

Finally it was time for desserts. The place has a huge variety of ice creams like the pann ice cream and the dry fruit ice creams. While some of us opted for the ice creams , we chose the Fruit factory and the Sizzling brownie. The fruit factory was loaded with ice cream and fruits. It was refreshing as well as delicious. A perfect end to your meal would be having a dessert like this! However, it would be great if the place could serve smaller portion of this sinful dessert instead of large portions like they currently serve!
The brownie was also perfectly moist and loaded with chocolate sauce. The ice cream lifted the flavours of the brownie!

All in all it was a great Navratri feast. And while i write this , the taste of chola bhatura and the chaat still lingers in my mouth! I think i am going to head straight to Cream Centre for dinner tonight.

Cost effective, a meal for two should not exceed Rs. 1500.

Ambience: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Food: 4/5

Overall rating: 4/5
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