Food review-Terttulia.. For you must Eat Drink Love! 

Dining at terttulia has always been fun but when you receive an invite from the restaurant for a tasting session, one cannot help but feel elated. Containing my excitement i hopped on to this place that purely believes in #eatdrinklove. And rightly so! The food is exceedingly delicious, the drinks are rarest of its kind and love.. Well there is copious amounts of love to be found with the manager Nishantt in the house. He makes sure you get the best and your dishes are abounding with love.


So while i waited for my fellow food bloggers, i got clicking! And here’s what i captured.

The beautiful sit out with curios from around the world


The shamiyana seating that offers you a royal experience.

The beauteous bar and the oh so tempting wine rack housing some of the greaaatest wines! They have French wines, wines from Chile, Charosa wines and a host of others that you cannot help but lay your hands on! A good enough reason to #eatdrinklove eh?



We started with the good old Sangria! And voila! The perfect punch of orange, the sweetness of wine and host of other ingredients made this libation, hard to resist! It did not have a bitter aftertaste like sangrias at most places have.



Karari roti: This was a delicious opening to the evening. Went very well with the sangria. Had the right amount of crunch and was oozing with flavour.


Rosemary Baby Potatoes with TT’s BBQ Rub: i have had these at other places but these baby potatoes at terttulia won hands down! The BBQ sauce lifted the flavours of the baby potatoes and were we impressed! We can absolutely swear by these vegeterian munchies!


Portobello with Black Olives & Feta drizzled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil – chunky brown mushrooms topped with olives and drizzled with olive oil- a perfect 10! As unique as it was, it was perfectly balanced in taste and texture.


Sweet Potato ‘Fries’ with Rosemary, Sea Salt and BBQ Rub: i have always had these on days when i was fasting, when mom would fry some for me- but these sweet potato fries will put the regular Mac D fries to shame! Sweetly salty this was the perfect munchy we were looking for.

Mini Quiche of Sweet Corn, Creamy: when your quiche is perfectly baked with sweet corn and copious amounts of cheese, you cannot stop at just one! This quiche was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Need i say more?
BBQ Grilled Chicken Tapenade with Black Pepper, Garlic and Mixed Herbs: This was good but would not go as far as saying this better than the rest.


Salmon in Labb with roasted Cracked Rice : salmon lovers would be in a better position to comment on this!
Mixed Greens with TT’s Honey Mustard Dressing : The twang of the honey mUstard dressing is what sets this salad apart from the rest.

TT’s Chicken Caesar Salad : A great option to whet your appetite, this salad was more than fab!

Pizza Terttulia with Creamy Spinach, Parmagiano Drizzled Arugula & Scarmoza – Never had a more creamy yet crisp, healthy yet oozing with flavour,  pizza! Reason enough to try it out? Ofcourse you must esp if you like the thin crust pizzas.

Herbed Quinoa with Tossed veggies & spicy tomato salsa: it was a little too healthy for my liking!
Stir Fried Brown Rice with Tofu & veggies with Creamy Mushroom Ragout: aah! This dish was a winner! The delectable mushrooms enrobed in a delicious ragout totally won it for me!
Gunpowder Basa with Crushed Potatoes & Curry Hollandaise : Gun powder with basa, a rather potent combination. The fish flaked and melted in our mouth while the gun powder ran riot! The seafood lover in us was more than satiated.

Stuffed as we were, we were still looking forward to the desserts.
Chocolate mudcake, salted caramel panacotta, the blueberry cheese cake and the apple and cranberry crumble- We had mouthfuls of each.


If the chocolate mudcake was sindelicious with its rich chocolate, the salted caramel panacotta was a melt in the mouth , mousey caramelized affair! We would definitely go back for this one.




The blueberry cheese cake and the apple crumble was fairly ok if not great!

Our tummies were full but our hearts were houseful. A big thankyou to Team- Carpe Diem for giving us a chance to bite into such goodness.
So the next time you are in Koregaon Park, do not forget to #eatdrinklove!

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