RailYatri- Rail Travel Simplified #app #review

If logging into irctc has been a nightmare, there’s a reason to cheer. Rail yatri is the answer to all your woes!
Well yes this app offers you relief – be it while planning your travel or checking the train status or finding trains between stations.
If any app can save you from the shackles of logging into irctc, it ought to be a wonder app. Long story cut short- If you are a frequent train traveller, you ought to download railyatri!
With this app, once your create your username and password, not only are you logged in all the time but can also access important information regarding your booking instantly!
The minute you make a reservation, your home screen will display your travel plans- which needless to say, is convenient- isnt it? You can flash your ticket the the ticket checker and also share the travel plan with your relatives or friends. Voila, you are saved of taking a print out and other hassles that come with it.
The app is equipped with planning tools like trains between stations, seat availability, fare calculator and timetable.
Trains between stations allows you to view all trains running between two stations along with the days they are running on. This helps in planning your journey better. Moreover, it is easy and convenient way to schedule your travel.
Some of the unique features of planning tools are:
Timetable: Viewing the route of the train helps you plan your journey better. Equipped with whistles and bells, you can view any changes in the timetable for future use while keeping yourself updated on the train timings.
My trips: This space is for all your trips that are coming up. A quick reference and easily accessible at the click of a button, the wonder feature of this app is the that it detects the sms alerts from IRCTC and neatly adds that to your list of travels. You can check the  PNR status , Train Running Status & Railway PNR status that will equip you with all the travel information.

Rail wisdom : This encompasses a whole gamut of services from places to visit, eateries, contact number of station master (which happens to be a very helpful feature) , booking a retiring room, availability of wheelchairs etc. Thus, a whole range of services are provided by this app which you wouldn’t even find on google.
Local Trains: This is the only app that gives you information on local trains running between two stations which not only includes metros but also a tier 2 cities where locals ply like Ahmedabad and Katra. A great guide for daily commuters who want to know the exact time for locals so that they can plan and leave from work and be in time for the local.
Food and Taxi Booking: What more do you want when an app not only takes care of your train journeys but also post that. RailYatri has partnered with TravelKhana and Taxi For Sure that will help solve all your hunger and travel woes. All you have to so it to share your phone number and the vendor call you to provide you required details and book your order.
So before you pull out your hair in an attempt to login to irctc, take a deep breath and download this wonderful app that will make your life much easier.

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