Fingerlicking South Indian fare at Savya Rassa! #reviewed ! 

Savya Rassa or simply ‘taste of the South’ deftly imbues the qualities of a homely yet classy fine dining space. Promoted with the idea of bringing authentic South Indian food to the plates of those outside South of India, this place makes the cut between simple yet traditional south indian fare.
While being located in the plushest of areas where the whole town comes to party, savya rassa neatly finds a quiet corner in Lane 1 of Koregaon Park.

An absolute gem of a place, the minute you arrive, you are blown by the keenly decorated exteriors, the wood work, the carvings, no less than feeling transported from Maharashtra directly into the South of India.

Very temple like and serene, the space is divided in such a way that you have a variety of options to choose from: the sit out, the mezzanine and the top floor.
As much as we were struck by the entrance, the interiors completely blew us away with their history and design.
The minute we arrived, we were courteously shown a table for four and soon after the drinks flowed. Rasamtini, coffee martini, kadhipatta mojito and several other cocktails in the house were a notch above the rest! We would definitely go back for more of the rasamtini. Shaken and stirred!
While we sipped we indulged in the most tastiest spread of starters. Interesting as their names were, they tasted fantastic too!
Mutta Chutney Kabab: For those of you who do not like the idea of boiled egg a d fine dining, will define the rules because this dish is sure to impress you with its crispy crunchy flavours!

Mirappakaya Kodi
This chicken was an absolute delight to bite into. Tender as it was , the coconut marinade mixed with tangy spices added a zing to our palate. Loved it!
Koon Ularthiyathu
For the love of mushrooms, please treat yourself to this dish. More on the spicy side, this dish is garma garam n masaledaar.
Punukulu – Bite sized finger food, perfect to give with your beer or cocktails. These munchies are hard to resist. You can have 20 of these tiny fried vadas and still have room for more. This dish is like fried dahi vadas minus the dahi!
We were totally blown away by the exquisite, gourmet like spread! The mains were still to follow and after such a delicious fare, we were totally looking forward for the mains:
Gongura Masamam :
This chicken dish is made using Gongura leaves that are sour and tangy. This mildly spiced and tangy dish is a must try!
Kori Kundapura is a Mangalorean delicacy that is mildly spiced. For those who which is red in color but surprisingly isn’t that spicy at all. This will stick with the Puneri audience as its taste is pretty universal- very tomato-ey.
Lamb dish: As much as i was full i absolutely loved the way lamb was made, tender yet succulent.
Jolada Roti– A potent mix of dals that is used to make this roti. Delightful and unique, you’ll love it anyway!
And now for my absolute favourite- the coconut rice
Coconut Rice- This dish is the best of South Indian cuisine. As much as i enjoyed the sweetness and crunchiness of the coconut rice , i was a little disappointed about not been introduced to this delicacy before! I would definitely go back for several rounds of the coconut rice!
While i wondered what could be interesting about South Indian desserts, i was simply proved wrong after taking a bite of these-kumbuda halwa, payasam and elaneer pudding! Taste buds were enrobed with such interesting and intricate flavours, absolutely mind blowing!

If you have tried authentic South Indian before, go check this place out. The food, the ambience and the calm of this place willl definitely haunt you!


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