Regional Food- Top 6 reasons why should visit the Lucknow food festival at Kangan #westin #foodreview

Of tongue tickling kebabs and aromatic biryanis, hitting the Lucknowi food trail is every foodies delight!

From dingy lanes to the swanky Mohallas, each kitchen boasts of royal awadhi cuisine that has been passed down from generations.

Well it was a celebration of this nawabi cuisine at Kangan, Westin, Pune that got me excited and urged me to savour the flavours from the far away land of Lucknow.

 Here are top 6 reasons why every foodie must hit the Lucknowi food trail at Westin, Pune. 

  1. Kakori kebab

An absolute melt in the mouth preparation with lamb, there is nothing that comes close to the tenderness of this kebab! This was specially made for the toothless nawab and the name is derived from the village Kakori located on the outskirts of Lucknow. 

One bite of this kebab and we bet it’ll be love at first ‘bite’ 🙂
2. Murgh Tikka Mirza Hasnu

If you are a chicken fan and love the charred taste, you have every reason to try this out. A chicken leg marinated in a fine blend of roasted gram flour, garlic and mustard oil, and cooked in charcoal clay oven, this starter is sure to make you come back for more! 

  1. Khumb Ki Galouti

So if you’re a veggie, this dish is a must try. This kebab is a fine mince of mushroom flavored with cloves and shallow fried in butter. Delightfully tasty and interesting to taste, the humble ki gallouti is definitely a must try.


  1. Kathal Ki Shammi

      If though jackfruit cannot be had as a vegetable, here’s an even better version of it. Kathal kebabs and absolutely delicious! What more could you a vegetarian bored of paneer and mushroom ask for. This kebab is a fine blend of jackfruit mash and mustard oil along with roasted gram and aromatic spices. Treat your taste buds to interesting flavours of the jackfruit! 

  5. Arbi Qaliyan

I have never had a tastier preparation of colocaccia before. An absolute treat to the taste buds, the gravy definitely strikes the right notes and is an absolute stunner. 

Prepared with a fine blend of aromatic spices along with yoghurt and brown onion gravy, this dish is a winner!

  1. Shahi Tukra

While the Khamili roti made me fall in love with it and was an absolute delight, what stands out for the desserts is the shahi tukda! 
 This deep fried bread soaked in condensed milk garnished with saffron, nuts and strawberry- I bet you cannot stop at just one bite ! 

It’s an orgasmic affair and is food porn all the way.

This dessert is an absolute delight and is a great way to end a great meal ! 

 The ambient surroundings, the classy decor at Kangan and the rich Lucknowi food- everything makes up for an indulgent evening out with friends/ family! 

Kangan - The Westin Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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