Future Music Theory with #ZampaGrover #Wines (published in sakaal times)

Link in sakaal times :  Sakaal times
Jaadhavgarh- the venue for the recently concluded music festival from 27th February to 28th February -Future Music Theory. There couldnt have been a more befitting venue as this 17th century historic fort-Jaadhavgarh, came alive with light, music and sound! This fort gave you a glimpse into the world of fierce Maratha warrior with a tour of the stoned fortress and the hallowed corridors. 


A perfect blend of music, history and culture,the music festival at Jaadhavgarh made for a perfect weekend getaway as it sent you on a sonic journey into the future (of music forms)- the electronic dance music! 

 With an amazing line up of artists, particularly Peter Dundov, the DJ from Zagreb who credits himself with over 30 maxi singles and 3 electronic dance music albums, this festival, coupled with the beauteous venue made up for an exponential experience. 
What set this music festival apart from the rest was the interesting mix of electronic music coupled with nature trails, campsite accommodation and the pool parties. 
The campsites were set up by White Collar Hippies. These group of travel aficionados move from festival to festival, campsite in tow, setting up camps by a bonfire! Only this time the camping was set up on the hills of the Jaadhavgarh fort , to provide an even more immersive experience for Future theorists!
However, for the not so adventurous ones , there were options to stay in the beautifully rustic yet contemporary rooms at Jaadhavgarh which made for a truly royal experience.
Or if you just wanted to take a stroll in those well manicured lawns, there was loads of greenery to be found. 
Another highlight of the event was the wine stall by Grover Zampa wines, that played host to a bunch of wine connoisseurs with a great wine tasting session in tow. It was an informative session enlightening us about the 5 S’s of wine tasting- See, Swirl, Sniff, Sip, Savour! From the Vijay Amritraj red wine collection to the award winning white wine- La Reserve Blanc , the wine tasting session was indeed an enjoyable one. 

The VA red wine was a  blend of Cabenet Saivignon- Shiraz and Viognier which had aromatic perfumed fragrance and was elegant with lingering dark fruits, spice, pepper, blackberry jam and violets. 

What to pair it with?

This wine pairs well with medium spicy Asian cuisine, Indian Kebab prepartions, good cuts of red meat and strong cheeses.

The award winning La Reserve wine has fragrant notes of honey suckle, apricot and pineapple. Rich , powerful with long finish, ending on tropical fruit, citrus and oak notes. This wine can be best enjoyed with blue cheese, seafood and white meats. Best served chilled, this straw coloured wine is sure to be your favourite. 


Grover Art Collection Rose Wine

Light cherry pink with shades of pink roses. Fruity, light bodied and smooth, mildly spiced preparations  of fish and poultry. It pairs well with light stir fries and gentle aromatic cuisine. 

Food was a good mix of Indian and American- burgers, pizzas, pastas, biryanis et al, at the roadside trucks that were stationed outside the show arena. 
This 2 day music extravaganza saw hordes of music enthusiasts from all over the country who came to witness this alternative music form. 
As the sun set and the lights came out , the music grew louder as many happy faces adorned the dance floor and grooved to the electronic music well into the wee hours of morning. 

Some more images of #zampagrover wines


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