Food review – Chandni Chowk Festival at Eviva Lounge (Published in Sakaal Times)

 If you have always wanted to bite into the mouthwateringflavours of Delhi’s most popular street, Chandni Chowk, but haven’t done that yet, here’s your chance. Evviva Sky Lounge at Courtyard Marriott is all set to play host to some of the rich royal North Indian cuisine starting 12th March to 20thMarch.

Nestled comfortably on the rooftop, overlooking the city, this chic lounge/restaurant has been transformed into the busy streets of Chandni Chowk in Delhi, in an attempt to bring thefood capital of India closer to our city. 

While you may be compelled to believe that the street stalls at Chandni Chowk is just about chaats and dahi bhallas, however, the streets also house a great selection of the rich North Indian cuisine. This festival will give you a chance to spoil your culinary taste buds with some of the best street food choices from the city’s most popular street. From mouthwatering parathas to the lipsmacking chicken kebabs, the street food of Delhi is every foodie’s delight. 

As you enter you are greeted by the dimly lit set up, the sophisticated arrangement of chairs and tables, the beautifully lit bar overlooking the city and the rustic use of lanterns and kettles, to adorn the walls, adding to the street like charm. This open air breezy venue guarantees you a plush and a cozyaffair with the DJ churning out progressive/house music, all adding up to an ethereal experience. 


Chef Akhilesh Pathak has curated the menu and offers dishes like Nalli Nihari, Mussallam Tangri Kebab, Tadoori Pomfret, Chicken Chargha, Nargisi Kofta et al. While the charred and succulent flavours of the Chicken Chargha may impress you, the smooth , rich consistency of the Nalli Nihari and NargisiKofta may completely sweep you off the feet. 

Murgh Chargha
Tandoori Pomfret


Nalli Nihari


Aloo Paratha
To wash down these rich spices, the restaurant also offers a dizzying selection of mocktails like aam ka jaam (a refreshingly awesome drink made with raw mango), masalachaas (a classic desi cooler), Angoor aur pudina sherbet(another fruity and minty drink) and mango lassi (lassisweetened with mango) served in a kulhad. This little attention to detail, ensures you a bite right out of the streets of Delhi. 

Watermelon & grape juice


Sky dive
The restaurant also offers a great selection of shahi desserts. 

Whether it is the creamy consistency of the paan ice-cream or the achingly smooth and delicious kulfi falooda, these desserts are sure to transport you into the world of nawabs. 

Chef Akhilesh Pathak says “Paan is an ethnic dish served after an Indian meal specifically In North India while ice cream is almost the most loves dish all over the world since it is chadni chowk festival I thought this combination after a wholesome meal would be a terrific option and also soothing considering the nature of north Indian cuisine. As it turns out it is quite a hit with our customers!”

So if you are craving to bite into the rich royal flavours that abound the streets of Delhi, you have every reason to visit the “Chandni Chowk Food Festival” at Evviva Sky Lounge, Courtyard Marriott , Pune.   





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