Food Review- Chinese with a difference at SpringOnion, Pune

Spring OnionWhen a Chinese restaurant claims that they make dishes without ajji-no-moto or MSG, it definitely is a must try. 

A small eatery situated on Bhandarkar road, Spring Onion is every Chinese lovers delight. Firstly because they serve Chinese without MSG and secondly because the food is tasty nonetheless. 
So when the Bteam received an invite from the owner, we couldnt help but go and check it out!
Cameras, writing pads, dslrs , we packed in all that topped with loads of appetite. 

As you enter you are completely taken in by the lovely soothing decor- the white walls, the food pictures on the wall that will instantly get you hungry and the neatly arranged tables and chairs with special attention to the table mats- a perfect modern set up!

What inspired us most was the delicious food- the starters, mains and the desserts!
Here are our top 7 recommendations that will keep us going back for more.

  1. Tom yum soup:
    Tangy, light and a perfect balance of sweet and sour. If you’re craving a soup thats fresh on the palate yet tasty, this should be your best bet.


  1. Tom Kha Soup:
    Though its a soup it could pass off as a dish too. Coconutty , flavourful with a dash of tang, this soup is thai inspired. Tastes very similar to thai white curry. 
  2. Paneer Coriander:
    Soft, cheesy and fresh, if there is a dish that is vegetarian yet interesting, its got to be the paneer coriander. 


  1. Malaysian Pops: 
    This ones Chicken lollypops with a difference. Saucy, succulent and chunky, thats how we would best sum up these Malaysian pops. Even after you have taken a bite of these heavenly pops, there’s a lingering taste thats makes you go nom nom. So go ahead and give this a try!
  2. Teppanyaki:
    This ones from the mains and its no less than an experience when that sizzling plate comes right in front of you, fills up your nostrils with that aroma and gets your tongue salivating. Teppanyaki noodles are Japanese styled noodles, well flavoured so that you wouldnt need a sauce to go with it. Just dig into these and get munching.

  3. Burnt Garlic Noodles:
    While they have the burnt garlic rice on their menu, the noodles version is highly recommendable. This can be had as it is or with the chicken curries that they have on their menu. A personal recommendation would be to have this with peri peri prawns. The spicy peri peri explodes in your mouth and the burnt garlic lends a charred burnt garlic taste to it. A potent combination. 

  4. Honey Crispy Noodles
    The perfect finale to any meal- the desserts. The honey crispy noodles are refreshingly crunchy, not too sweet and go well with the ice cream. Just what you need to beat the heat and wash down the spices.

All in all a great place to dine at with family, without being too heavy on the pocket. Good things come in small packages and Spring Onion is exactly that. 

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