SocialClinic- Madness food review

If the launch by the Madness group was rocking, the food bloggers meet organised by carpe diem and the restaurant was equally devastating – it sent all of us on a foodie trail replete with flavour! 

A lot of decadence to be found at this uptown restaurant, that is turned into a ‘Social Clinic’. Nurses in pink and blue milling around, test tubes full of mocktails and cocktails being ordered and rich indulgent bites is what defines an evening at Social Clinic.
We started with the Nasheeli Lambi Chai that was so nasheeli we only have memories saved as pictures in our phone to remember how good it was ( we were trippy after downing that humungous cocktail). This drink was Ice tea with a difference – a mix of potent spirits like vodka, rum, gin , tequila , orange and cranberry juice, only a few would last after downing that drink. Definitely a must try.
Amaretto was another cocktail that was lapped up by the whisky, scotch lovers, more like the whisky sour.
Sex in Havana , a fresh pomegrante, peach and white rum based cocktail that is a perfect summery cocktail.
The final drink and an interesting addition to our cocktail tasting, was the Pepper Mary, tangy, peppery and punchy served in a beautiful bell pepper shaped cask. Well if you like to try something different, you should reach out for this one.
The starters were a delectable mix of coriander dim sums, chilly Garlic Mushrooms, Lemon Cilantro Prawns and the succulent Kundan mutton seekh kebab.
While the steamy coriander dimsums were polished off within minutes,chilli garlic mushrooms were a star on the vegetarian menu.
For the seafood lover, the lemon cilantro prawns are a great option whereas if you want the rich decadence of the mutton, indulge in the kundan mutton seekh kebab. The meat almost fell off the bone.
Peri peri chicken pizza topped with chicken and green olives is a spectacular option amongst the thin crust pizzas.
Chicken Gone Mad is a chicken dish served with baked veggies on the side. The dish however, does not live up to the interesting name. Probably the dish gone mad. 😉
For the vegetarians, the methi ka chamman was a surprise piece because it was lapped up by the non- vegetarians with equal fervour! Definitely a must try!
Another of my favourites, the gems on the menu, the roasted nutty fish, was fried to the perfect crunch and garnished with roasted peanuts. 
House Spice Lamb Burger – a king sized burger that was oozing with flavour. Lamb, meat, bacon, fries this was one indulgent burger that made us salivate for more!
The desserts were equally interesting with Gulab Jamun brulee (a beautifully decorated dish embedded in custard and coated with sugar), the crunchy churros with chocolate ice- cream and the divine brownie with ice cream. Thus, as much fun we had devouring the mains, the desserts were equally worthy. 
Service was impeccable and the little souvenirs that we got at the end of the foodie meet up was something that we’ll cherish all our lives. 
All in all, a great place to hang out with friends and family. An impressive spread and an equally impressive decor is how we would like to sum up this place!

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