Singapore- The tiny red dot in Asian that is more than worth one stopover! 

So you’re in a relationship and want to impress someone or you are planning a vacation with family or just itching to travel even if it means travelling solo? Fasten your seat belts and get ready to fly to one of the ‘hottest’ travel destination of the world- Singapore. Long dismissed as just a mere stopover, Singapore has reinvented itself to be a hot favourite amongst the wanderlust! Whether it’s shopping, sightseeing, beautiful gardens or the adrenaline pumping adventure parks, this tiny country has it all.
Labelled as one of the cleanest countries of the world, Singapore packs a punch with its well manicured gardens, swanky casinos, shopping malls and the beauteous promenade!
We bring you top 6 attractions from Asia’s tiny red dot that will make you swoon!
Night safari: A multi sensory wildlife adventure that beckons you into the deepest of forests as you come face to face with nocturnal animals. While there are walking trails, the tram ride is a delightful and knowledgeable way to journey through the 7 geographical zones of the world, each exhibiting its wildlife, vegetation and landscapes. Make sure to listen out for the sound of the gushing water, the shrill cry of the cicada or the occasional call of animals. The tram ride surely puts you in the best spot for the best view.

And if you like to do some exploring on foot, there are a few walking trails too like the Catfish trail, Leopard, Wallaby and Elephants trail, for you to soak in the sights and the sounds of this habitat.

The night safari is sure to bring out the animal lover in you and fill you with a multi sensory extravaganza!
Apart from these, there are walking trails like the Catfish trail, leopard trail, East Lodge trail and the wallaby trail.l

Jurong Bird Park

Day at the Jurong Bird Park begins as early as 8.30 am- as they advise you to take a walk through the lush and breezy Palm Plaza. Awarded as Asia’s largest bird park with a collection of over 5000 birds and 380 species- very few parks come close to boasting such figures- this bird park is most definitely a must visit attraction.
Nestled in habitats that mirror their natural environments, jurong bird park gives visitors the opportunity to meet and interact with their feathered residents.
The highlight of the park is the 30 m high waterfall, at the Waterfall Aviary that houses over 600 birds. From lories to turacos, to penguins and pelicans, you name it and you would find it here.
Another highlight is the High Flyers Show which is an exhilirating line up of birds featuring hornbills, turacos and the beautiful starlings. Its interesting to see how the birds talk and follow the masters instructions.
All in all if you are looking to get lost in the wild, experience beautiful sights and experience the joy of witnessing so many birds, please book a ticket to Jurong!
Universal Studios:
Whether you are hollywood fan or a bollywood or even a Tollywood, you ought to love this Hollywood themed park!
And if you cannot travel all the way to Universal studios in Los Angeles, this Universal Studio in Singapore will do you just good!
7 movie themed zones- Hollywood Boulevard, New York, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi city, Lost world, Madagascar and Far Far away- with interesting themes and landscapes- is sure to blow you off your mind.
Seeking adrenaline rush? Experience the thrill of riding the tallest roller coaster- Human Vs Cyclon.
Experience death defying stunts and fire and water explosions at the Lost World. Ride the canopy flyer and rapids adventure and witness the now extinct dinosaurs at the Lost World.
Transformers is an interesting ride to try where you fight evil forces, Ancient Egypt zone where you battle mummies and finally relax in a carousel with the Madagascar crew in the Madagascar zone.
If you have kids- Shrek, the 4-D movie in Far Far Away zone, will keep them entertained.
And while you want to sip on some soda or grab a quick bite, there are themed restaurants too.
But in the midst of all this make sure to keep your cameras rolling for some celebrity spotting!

Wings of time at Sentosa island:

There are laser shows and there are light shows, but when laser, water and fire come together, it results in an awe inspiring display of panoramic vistas. There’s no better finale to your day at Sentosa than watching this spectacular night show set against the backdrop of an open sea. Every moment is a ‘hold your breath’ moment as you soak in the breathtaking vistas in the mysteries of time. A fine example of artistic and technological advancement, you will be wowed even after you leave the magical aisle. You may miss out anything else but certainly not this show!

Clarke Quay
Famous for its stunning waterside restaurants and exciting collection of bars and clubs, Clarke quay is must see for all the party animals out there.
Wait! But if you are not much of a party person there are other fun activities too!
The gorgeous colonial British style building called the Asian Palace and Fort Canning Park that is a patch of green hill situated bang in the middle of Central Singapore, can be your best bet during the day. The night time can be dedicated to a lovely boat ride that takes you to Boat Quay and Marina Bay Sands. It also passes by the Merlion, the national animal of Singapore. The sights sounds and the lights along the river, truly make up for an ethereal experience.
Thrill seekers craving for adrenaline rush, should try the G reverse Bungy, that launches you in the air at 200km/hr! We hear you if that just gave you a 2 sec heart attack!
Gardens by the bay
This botanical garden is like no other! High tech and housing Super trees and whimsical structures, this botanical garden will surely give you a run for your money!
A must visit is the OCBC Skywalk that connects two Supertrees , that twinkle and glow at nite for the Garden Rhapsody show. While walking on the skywalk is an unnerving experience for those scared of heights but with knockout views of the famous Marina Bay Sands and the majestic City, this turns out to be a must try.
Another great attraction at the Garden Bay is the Cloud Forest that houses a plethora of flora and fauna along with a 5 floor high waterfall, making it an astounding tropical affair.
The Flower dome is another great attraction here, replicates the plants found in dry Mediterrenean climates across the world.
While there are other attractions in Singapore like the casino at Marina Bay Sands, the Zoo, the River Valley Safari, however, the above are a must try!
The next time you are in Singapore, make sure to book a ticket to each of these!

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