Dine Out App: A cool #app to hang out with!

Because God couldn’t be everywhere so he made Mothers. Hence, to make my mother’s day extra special I was looking for options, trying out look for restaurants to book or maybe take her to a place with her choice of cuisine.
It was then that I chanced upon Dine Out app. This app simplifies the process of booking/ reserving a table, ofcourse, at your choice of restaurant. So as I got clicking, I noticed the ease with which the app has been structured. It has a neatly laid out interface with a varied choice of cuisines. So if you want to go to a North Indian restaurant as opposed to one serving Continental, you have a huge list of restaurants bifurcated based on this. Thus, making the booking process extremely simple and saving you a lot of time.
Besides, Dine Out App has various promotions throughout the year. They recently had a Mother’s Day campaign in which they credited my balance with a whopping Rs. 4000.00 and let me choose my choice of restaurant. Boy! Was I pleased. I was overjoyed! This was the best gift me and mom could have had on Mother’s Day.

As easy as it was to reserve a table, it was also very easy to pay my restaurant bill by just giving the promotion code  I had received on my phone. Need I say I was Zupperrr happy!
We went to Hard Rock Café, Lower Parel because my mom loves Rock and I wanted to make her day special yet different. The minute we arrived we immediately got a place, even though it was a Sunday. Also, we thoroughly loved the food and the service provided by the restaurant. Thank you Dine Out App for this!
Also , a special mention to the Smart pay option introduced by Dine Out which allows a 20% cashback on your restaurant bill upto Rs. 500/-.

This cash back process is extremely simple. You have to enter the bill details. Click on the pay now on home screen. Enter the bill amount and pay. Not only does this app , take care of discounts but also assures you the cashback in 24 hours.

All in all a great app to Dine Out with!

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