On Raksha Bandhan, discovering the magic of having a brother!

When i think of my brother i dont immediately picture him to be the 25 year old that he is now, instead cute little images of him as a baby, occupy most of my memory- That round cherubic face, those light brown eyes, the perfectly round curls and the way he would widen his eyes when i would sing to him.

When he decided to roll in talcum powder

My memories of him are tinted in pink and have the same effect on me as i would when i think of cotton candy- sweet and addictive! I do not know why it is like that but i think having a baby brother does that to you!

Initially Raksha Bandhan just meant gifts but now that my brother is in another country, i realise that this festival is more about spending time with him than just gifts.

So on this auspicious day i would like to thank him for showing me the magic of having a brother.

And each year when i tie him that knot, he has never failed to assure me that he will take care of me!

Well to think of it- its not only the care that i would like to thank him for- its certainly more than just that!

  1. Letting me into the action packed boy world

While one wouldnt associate girls doting a game of WWF, thanks to my brother who introduced me to this sport- which definitely was a big leap over barbies and ghar ghar (yes, no matter how much i would hate to admit it)

And me and sister were his guinnea pigs when he practiced choke slam and other stunts on us, which eventually taught us self defence and helped us in our fights ( with others ofcourse)

And talking of WWF, playing trump cards became inevitable. Initially we turned up our noses, but soon it became quite addictive. Whether it was Hulk hogan’s 36 inches or Yokozuna’s winning weight, our shouts and cries (while we played) made it fun and memorable.

  1. Sparking my interest in cricket

No i am still not an ardent cricket fan but i have to give it to my brother for making me believe it is an enjoyable sport. I remember the fights we had over the tv remote control but he being the younger one always had the upper hand. And eventually everyone ended up watching cricket. This helped bring all of us together. We would all join in the victories, cheer for the team and consoled each other when the team lost. Now when i miss him, i just tune into some cricket and remember the funtimes we had watching and fighting over this sport.

  1. For proving that its ok to be disobedient sometimes

Disclaimer: I was my parents favourite and the ideal child who almost never went against them. I slept early, i woke up early to study and i almost never watched excessive tv. So when my bro stayed up all night to watch a game of football before his exams, my parents berated him but to no avail. He prioritised the match over everything else because he kind of knew it was fine and he would manage to pass. And voila, did he only ‘pass’! He managed a cool distinction and i was agog. It certainly was a great life lesson which helped revolutionise my thinking and taught me to follow my passion, no matter what!

To sum it – its rightly said that men are from mars and women from venus, but i guess sisters are from Planet X while brothers are the moons watching over us.. Taking care of us.

Thank you for being my best admirer and worst critic.. You keep me grounded! And thankyou for the consistent unwavering replies over “Do i look fat”? Your answer remains the same even if i ask you a zillion times.

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