Emilia Romagna festival at Prego, Westin #Reviewed #Regionalfood

Just when you thought you knew the best of Northern Italy, Emilia Romagna , a fertile land between Milan, Venice and Florence pops its head and takes you by surprise. This land is of as gastronomic importance as any other land in the world. Drawing on this popularity, the Emilia Romagna festival has been curated by Chef Eraldo Colazzo and is on till the 28th of August at Prego, Westin.

This lush homeland, Emilia Romagna, is rife with balsamic vinegar, parma, tortellini and parmigiano cheese. It is venerated by most of Italian cognoscenti. 
You are sure to be recommended to Emilia Romagna if you were to ask someone in Italy where to take ‘that’ one meal

Here are a list of dishes that made up the Table de Hote at Prego, Westin :
Beetroot Carpaccio: We started with amuse bouche- Beetroot Carpaccio with ricotta cheese. Not only was the presentation top notch but the aged balsamic vinegar injected the much needed zing to our palate.

Mozzarella carrozza: This is a type of fried cheese sandwich and is a popular breakfast item. The carrozza is prepared with mozzarella cheese, an egg wash and bread slices.It can be prepared with various breads, and the preparation involves assembling the sandwich, dredging it in flour, dipping it in an egg wash and then pan frying it. Bread crumbs are sometimes used to coat the sandwich. Olive oil is typically used for frying the carrozza. The minute we slit open the corrozza with our knives, the cheese oozed out. The lettuce and the arugula leaves lent a refreshing touch to this dish.  

Lugo : The lugo was made of grilled corn, polenta, tuna pate and capers. The mustard and the basil leaves garnished on this dish enhanced the flavours and added the much needed freshness to the dish.

Bologna: This dish is a tortellini of mushrooms and taleggio cheese in vegetable bouillon. Tortellini is a naval shaped pasta that was stuffed with mushrooms. The tortellini was served in a flavoursome broth that made it a great soupy dish. Taleggio cheese is drizzled onto the bologna, to make this dish stand out.

Luna: This dish is native to Northern Italy and is more like a pizza minus the toppings. At first it may look devoid of all the goodness a pizza has to offer but once you slice it and bite into it, you are sure to unravel its goodness. The luna is stuffed with sliced parma ham that has been aged for a few years ( as it is done in native Italy), mascarpone, black truffle, loads of mozzarella that oozes out when you slice the pizza and white truffle oil. We bet you are sure to call this dish “divine” once you have had your first bite!

Suzzara: This classy chicken fillet with mushrooms and thyme sauce was one dish that was the star of the menu. The presentation was stellar and the colourful greens and the chicken set against the solid grey dishes, made for a great contrast. After cooing at the presentation, we gorged the entire dish in no time!

Copparo: This was a beautiful dish on the menu-a perfect riot of colours. This is potato cake with garden vegetables and cheese. The best part was how the potato cake was interwoven with the flavours of carrot and beetroot. The result- a sweet potato cake that looked and tasted delightful. Not to forget the beetroot and carrot shaving that were fried and were crisp to perfection.

Bondeno:If one were to put Kate Middleton in a pudding, this would be it- simple, elegant and a little bit fancy. The bondeno is an apple strudel accompanied with dollops of vanilla cream smeared with cinnamon sauce. This dessert was one of the gems on the menu and the presentation too was sheer class- thanks to the exquisite china.

The menu attempts to put some great Italian flavours on your platter and only the best ingredient (all the way from Italy) make their way to your platter.  This Italian gourmet is sure to enthrall all you italian cognoscentis and promises you a memorable dining experience. 
A special thanks to Goliopinion for inviting me for the review.

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