Food review- Farzi Cafe, Pune #farzified

Farzi cafe has easily become the talk of the town- thanks to its beauteous location and the offbeat dishes on the menu. In social media parlance if i were to say, Farzi cafe is trending. Be it facebook, instagram or twitter, everyones talking about this quirky places that has some interesting menu on its cards.The menu is a deconstruction of most indian dishes- i had heard. To discover this exclusivity, i along with my fellow food bloggers set out for an exclusive food review at Farzi Cafe. 

Food: We were served an amuse bouche of Mishti doi and strawberry sauce the minute we entered. The dry ice added the ethereal effect to this dish and that was an impressive opening to what was to follow. 

Mini Raj kachori: The first dish that came our way was the Mini raj kachori. The foam like effect on the kachoris along with the crispy okra that was served on the bed, made the dish look foodgasmatic. The minute we cut open the kachoris the curd drizzled with the green chutney oozed out. This dish was not only yum but very interesting. Definitely a must try especially because it has a great balance of flavours. 

Dal chawal arancini: This dish was the star on the menu. Served as dal Chawal balls and topped off with tiny papads rolled, this dish is as tasty as it looks. The dal Chawal is made in pure ghee. 

Tandoori wild mushrooms: This is sure going to be a hit with mushroom lovers. The mix of morels and button mushrooms served in a butter garlic sauce makes this dish a must have. 

Tempora fried prawns: This was by far my favourite. Coated with a red spicy sauce and served on an artistic platter. We lapped up this dish in no time! 

Braised lamb chops: The lamb chops looked great served on an artistic platter but unfortunately did not live up to their taste. I was hoping for more Indianised flavours as opposed to the sweet plum sauce that it was made in. I think preparing the lamb chops in Indian spices would do the trick.

Chilly duck samosa: The inside of the samosa with minced meat rocked. However, the covering was not very impressive. Again i think it was the heavy usage of plum sauce on the outside that marred the dish. 

Chicken changezi quesidia: This dish makes me drool. I have never had a crispier cruncher quesadilla before! The meat filling was delicious and so was the roti that made up the quesadilla. 

Karela kalamari: I am not a very big karela fan but this is sure to be a hit with everyone as the crunchy karela slightly sweetened is an interesting twist to the regular bitter karela!

Maincourse :-

Chicken tikka masala: This dish is hard to go wrong and this too didnt. This dish served up a story having been served in a telephone booth. It told a story of its popularity in the UK and its roots there. 

Mutton irachi pepper fry: The mutton was tender and well cooked though the pepper overpowered it ! However, this dish is still worth a try for its interesting flavours of the curry leaves. 

 maska focassia: I loved the focassia. They were soft as cotton candy and buttery. A perfect accompaniment to the butter chicken.

Spegeti agli olio: Yum yum yum. This dish fulfils many a platters hungry for Italian! 

Bhejja fry appam: A great concept of pairing appams with bheja fry. The meat was perfectly minced and it made for a melt in the mouth experience.


Rasmalia tres leches: The soft tender ras malia layered with the orange cake is one of the few gems to be found on the menu. The milk was also of the perfect consistency and was not too sweet. Just the way you would like it and was served at the perfect temperature.

Parle g cheese cake : This made for a fun dessert! Parle G biscuits with cheese cake between them. The cheesecake was fresh and melted in the mouth. Another must try! 

Bailes lollipop: Absolutely innovative, the chef just showed us another way of having baileys! We enjoyed licking and relishing the lollipops! 

All in all Farzi Cafe promises some unique dishes for every hungry soul until they actually say, “we are farzified”! A big thanku to PuneJunkies for making this happen! 

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