Zora. A delicious journey of Indian dishes in western flavours #foodreview.


Zora is as delightful as its name! Not only is the food inviting but also the ambience. The minute you step into this place, you feel like you are transported to a beautiful island, breezy and perfect for a date. With every detail paid attention to, you cannot miss noticing it. Expect a beautiful blend of North Indian dishes with western flavors. Exotic dishes like mustard and imli glazed salmon, prawn balchao theplas and old monk cake will surprise you among many other whacky dishes on the menu.

I was invited to Zora for a special tasting by the owner, Joravar Sachdev and for that I cannot thank him enough. Here’s why!

I was floored by the decor, the beautiful lampshades, the tapestry, the beautiful laid out tables and plates and the artistic paintings. And before I could take into the beauty of the place, the delicious food took me over.
Soups: I chose the Palak Dhaniya Shorba that was made to perfection, brimming with flavour. Served on a golden brown bowl, this definitely was the star of the evening- and it looked beautiful too.


For the starters, we had the peanut chaat salad in kasundi, Stir Fried Kali Mirch Fish in Kadi Patta dressing and the Bhut Jolokia Tandoori Murgh. While the peanut chaat kasundi had bagfuls of crunch, it refreshed our palates too- thanks to thebred cabbage and the onions.
Stir Fried Kali Mirch Fish in Kadi Patta dressing was a great combination of flavors. But the rawas was not tender enough. Hence, for me , it lacked its appeal. The creamy curry leaf dressing it was made in, was yum.

Then came the much awaited dish made in the spiciest of chillies- the Bhut Jolokia Tandoori Murgh. The minute we had the first bite, hints of chilli lingered onto my taste buds but soon the chilli took over. There was pandemonium. The chilli had done its job of knocking us out of our senses. The spice lingered on until we had a few glasses of water and something sweet. So beware before you bite off that chunk of chicken made in this chilli.

Amritsari Bombil with Mango Chilli Chutney was a Crisp fried bombil made in the amritsari batter with a hint of ajwain and the  creamy mango chutney complemented it perfectly.
Mains: The highlight of the evening for me in the mains was the Matka Butter Chicken Lasagna served with a crusty masala naan. I have never had a dish like this- I must admit. Desi dish with an Italian twist, was absolutely nom nom.

The other highlight in the mains for me was the Grilled Baingan Steaks in Coconut Curry Leaf Gravy. I am glad I ordered this dish, lest I would have missed out on a great dish, so rich in taste and oozing with flavor. The tamarind pilaf served with the grilled smoky baingans and the creamy coconut curry sent my taste buds in a flurry. I am definitely going back for this one.

The other mains were a bit of a hit and a miss. There was the Reshmi Malai Chicken Tikka Biryani, the tawa subz fondue and the Goan Prawns Balchao served with Gujrathi Theplas. The theplas were simply delicious. One of bite it took me straight to heaven. Absolutely a must try. And if you are craving some comfort food, the Chicken Dal Khichadi will just do the trick. This totally was the surprise element. Warm and soft and comforting, we lapped up the chicken khichadi  between us in no time.


Desserts were an eclectic mix of traditional as well as Western.

The chocolate pani puri was not only interesting to look at with cute little chocolate puris but also tasted delish when dipped in butterscotch sauce. The next one totally blew me away- the old monk Chocolate cake served with brandy schnapps and vanilla icecream. Next came the dark chocolate gulab jamun tart that was sweetness overload. However, the vanilla ice cream helped balance the flavours well.
There was cheesecake too, but it didn’t appeal to my taste buds, hence, I wouldn’t recommend it to most.

All in all, Zora calls for a luxurious evening out with that special someone. The food is delicious packaged in neat flavours and the ambience is more than inviting.

Would totally recommend it to all.


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