Sunburn 2016- Pune just upped its coolness quotient

In the recently concluded Sunburn 2016, that also happened to be the 10th edition of sunburn, it was a great experience not only because of it is one of the best music festivals in the country but also because  Pune was the chosen destination. This definitely gave a reason for Punekars like me to revel in this 4 day musical extravaganza.

The journey…

We tumbled into the back of the car and made our way up, through the knotted hill, turn after turn, trepidation in our hearts, waiting to witness the grandiose.
It was my favourite DJ Axwell’s performance that day and I couldnt wait to see him perform. The bands were to be collected from the box office that was stationed downhill. But thanks to Smirnoff, they ensured we got the bands which saved us a good 1 hour of sweating it out in the queue. A big thank you  to Smirnoff for having made this possible.

Smirnoff Lounge..

Smirnoff had a special lounge for us bloggers where they not only offered us vodka but also was a great place to watch the artists perform. The drinks were delightful and we could watch the entire star studded, lit up ground in all its glory, from the lounge. We surely had a vantage point.

The stage looked magnificent, decked with lights, fireworks and the best of everything one could think of. It came alive as every artist performed. The energy on stage and off  stage amongst the enthusiastic crowd was palpable. We crooned to the DJ and danced till we dropped.

The experience..

The experience was fantabulous. Given a chance I would love to witness this again. The timing around the new years was perfect. The Christmas and the New Year break provided for a good opportunity for people to attend this.

I was privileged to have attended the best music festival . It was a great experience in terms of music, food and dance. This musical extravaganza lasted for 4 days and  saw hordes of enthusiastic music lovers making their way all the way to the top of Kesanand hill, where Sunburn was held.

Before i finish, i would also like to thank FUZION PR and Varsha for having made my dream come true. Without you guys it wouldnt have been so enjoyable.


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