Andhra food comes to Pune at 1000 Oaks! 

1000 Oaks in Pune is a favourite for many reasons- the ambience, the food, the foot tapping music and the great choice of songs. Another reason to head to this great place with a beautiful al fresco seating is the Andhra Food Festival that is on till the 22 nd of Jan. Executed to perfection by Chef Prasanna who has been flown in from Andhra Pradesh for the festival, the menu does a pack a punch. Whether it is the tang of the shallow fried machli or the spice of the prawns, the Food curated by the chef will leave you craving for more. 

Rasam: The minute we entered we were greeted with some tangy rasam that not only looked flavourful but also made for a great picture. Its tangy, its spicy and i am sure you will love it! 

Chepa Vepudu : this is a fish preparation. The fish is perfectly shallow fried in Andhra spices. One bite of the fish and you will not miss the red chilli , the crisp and crunchy covering and the flavours that go right into the fish. Well marinated i must say!

Prawns miriyalu royyalu : This reminded me of the Chettinad preparations. Thanks to the curry leaves that are used to make this dish with the exception of pepper. The peppery flavour and the use of green chilli to spice the prawns is mind blowing. I think a person with a fetish for spicy food will go the whole hog!

Natu kodi palsum (Chicken): I particularly liked the consistency of the chicken especially because the gravy was made in the choicest of spices. Beware: the curry could get a tad spicy! 

Kodi gudla koora- (Egg curry): What will strike you about the egg curry is that the eggs are shallow fried first before they are put into the curry, giving the egg a crisp crust. Loved the dish. 
(Bharlela vanga )Gutti vanakaya iguru- i thought only Maharashtra had the bharlela vanga as a delicacy but not until i was treated to this Andhra cuisine. Its got great flavours and is had with the jowar rotte which has been introduced as a part of this menu. 

Kobbari Annam (Coconut rice) : The golden fried cashews garnishing the coconut rice were the highlight for me. I did not particularly like this dish because there was nothing coconutty about it but i think the light fluffy rice is perfect with the chicken. 

Payasam: Creamy milky potion on a cold winter night is just what the doctor ordered. What struck me about this dish is the use of camphor. Yes, camphor made this dish stand apart from the rest. 

The festival is on till the 22 nd of Jan. Some great dishes to be devoured. So head here as soon as possible peeps!
A big thank you to the owner Sanjeet Lamba for having us over for this fest! 

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