Truffle festival at La Terrazza ,Hyatt Regency Pune


Winter Truffle Festival at La Terrazza.

La Terrazza at Hyatt Regency Pune is running a fortnight long winter truffle festival where Chef Anirban Dasgupta takes you on a gastronomic journey to Italy and promises a unique and memorable dining experience. The festival is in collaboration with India’s gourmet guru Karen Anand and Italian truffle specialist, Silvia Landucci.

Truffles is a rare and expensive ingredient found in most parts of Italy and France. Their musky scent is said to release select pheromones and even boost potency. So it would be a good idea to stop by and bite into these truffle dishes , this Valentines week.

We started with the anti-pasti which was a white asparagus, truffle foam and poached pears. The thin slice of cheese shavings elevated the flavours of the dish. If there was one word that would describe this dish, it would be – ‘fresh’ and ‘succulent’! This indeed was a very delicious opening to the evening.

The future courses followed like music- well orchestrated with the chef at the helm.

The ‘Zuppa’ (the soup), the primi piatti (the first course) and the piatti principale (the mains) followed and we dug into it with gusto.

The Zuppa was a roasted pumpkin cappuccino with truffle oil and burnt chicken. Not only was it difficult to fathom that a pumpkin soup could taste so delicious but the froth on this ‘cappuccino’ surely had our heart on it with love written all over.

While there were many options for the primi piatti and the piatti principale, i preferred to try the roasted chicken risotto and the poached red snapper.

Silvia Landucci who has been flown in from Tuscany gave us an insight into the world of truffles. There are 5 kinds of truffles with the black winter truffle being one of the most expensive. It is rightly called the ‘black diamond’ – so precious and big on flavours. Because we found it difficult to fathom how this truffle actually looked, she called for a black truffle, shaved a slice and asked us to try and look for the sweet taste at the back of our taste buds.

Next came the Risotto which was beautifully executed with lemon, chili, mascarpone, white truffle and roasted chicken. It was the most creamy, mind numbing risotto we had every had.
We went back to our meal- the piatti principle. The minute it was brought it looked foodgasmic- the yellow and green zucchini slices, the red snapper above garnished with micro greens. Before we were done taking in the beauty- the chef recommended we try the dish and look for the taste of the black truffle. The brandy butter sauce had a mild kick to it and the flavours were spot on. The zucchini paired with the red snapper made this dish absolutely outstanding. It was a perfect harmony of flavours and nothing overpowered the other. The mains definitely blew us away and we are definitely coming back for more.

The dolce (the desserts) was yet another interesting part of our truffle journey. The ‘truffle’ tiramisu nostrano and the Sicilian Cannoli were the highlights of the night.

The tiramisu had an interesting twist to it, with lots of chocolate layered on top of the Tiramisu. The strawberry sauce on the side with truffle honey provided the much needed punch. The Sicilian Cannoli with truffle cream was goeey cheesy dessert that quickly won us over. After one bite it was hard to put the spoon down.

The restaurant serves an unpretentious authentic Italian cuisine and whispers a sophisticated evening out. So if you are looking for the wow factor when it comes to the flavor combinations, look no further.

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