Mineority Cafe

Located in Kalyani Nagar, this place is hard to miss. A. because it hogs a sprawling limelight bang next to the Baba Kalyani bungalow and b because of its name- Mineority Cafe. Yes the cuisine is crafted so as to give people the idea of what the mine workers in the North East had as a part of their meals. And i must say it was no less than a revelation!So we started with the pomegrante caprioska that was a cool refreshing drink and perfectly complemented the sultry weather.

Mining club cutlets came next. Delicious as they were , they were foodgasmic too! I loved the use of kasundi and cashews and the mustard sauce. The mustard sauce added the extra kick.

Kalimpong chilli cheese rolls

This vegeterian dish bowled me over. It was a delish preparation of crispy spring roll filled with Kalimpong cheese, hill coriander and bhut jholakia mayo. Totally recommended for its flaky melt in the mouth preparation.

Odiya chanya manya ber

This dish was as tasty as it was good to look at. I especially loved the use of the greens (the coriander), the reds (the ber) and the light yellow mustard sauce.

Hyderabadi Nazims mutton seekh

This dish just blew me away. The melt in the mouth seekh kebabs to the accompaniment of bread and kasundi. An absolute must try!
Signature black chicken skewers

These coal grilled chicken skewers with black sesame paste served with the traditional flat bread and coriander chutney are big on flavour. The chicken was charred to perfection that made it so delectable! 

Coal field margarita

The pizza didnt excite me much. I could do with a thinner crust and more crunch on this one!
Jhanjwala prawns

This dish makes use of panch phoran spices that are widely used in Bangladesh , Eastern India and Southern Nepal.

Made with crushed chillies, fresh radish pods, this dish is India ‘s answer to Wasabi prawns! It was fun to bite into the prawns papads too. 

Then came the sinful part of the evening where we indulged in loads of desserts- the tres leches cake, Goran’s Bajadera and the jurrasic cheese cake! 
The pictures say it all. We took indulgent bites and polished off the desserts in no time.

However, i could have done with more tiramisu in the Gorans Bajadera instead of the hard crust of chocolate. 

All in all an evening at Mineority Cafe by Saby spells a fun evening out with friends. The al fresco seating at the rooftop is an idyllic setting during the summer months. 

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