Arthurs Theme – Balewadi Highstreet #reviewed

Arthurs Theme has always been my favourite, right from its Koregaon Park days. So when i received an invitation for a food review at the newly revamped Arthurs Theme, situated at Balewadi High Street, i couldnt have been more excited.

Decor: The minute you enter the restaurant , you are sure to be awed by the beauteous decor- candlelit tables, use of flowers – whether on the wall or on the floral print couch- everything whispers a sophisticated evening out with friends or that special someone.

And this couldnt have been more befitting especially because it was the Valentine week 🙂

I started with some cool, colourful, brightly coloured drinks- the greens, the purple and the yellow.

My personal favourite was the melon ball which was, as the name suggests, melony. Though a little bitter, the melony aftertaste made this drink unique.

The purple flirt invited a lot of inquisitiveness and excitement especially because it was a beautiful purple coloured drink- almost electric purple. Someone who loves sambuca should go for this one.

Soup: French onion soup

This was a downer since there was hardly any cheese in my soup- Something that is a must in a french onion soup!

Starters, salads and the mains…

I love seafood. Hence, most of the dishes i ordered, comprised prawns.

Amongst the starters, i ordered for :

Gerard: Though slightly smaller in size, these were the tempura fried batter prawns. Highly recommended for their simple taste and flavour.

Caesar salad: This was a little disappointing because the chicken was a little stale.

Hawaiian salad: This was my favourite. Shredded chicken, julienned bell pepper and pineapples. One hell of a salad. Highly recommended.

This again was something in prawns called the Lady Jennifer: This comprised char grilled butterfly prawns topped with a lemon butter sauce , served with mashed potatoes. The butter sauce is best enjoyed with the warm croissants. No one can stop at one.

Tiramisu: We were all looking forward to this one but what was the star amongst the desserts that night was the Special Pancake marinated with raisins and flambéd. Not only was it an innovative addition to the desserts but the little drama that went into the flambéing- we loved it.

Blueberry cheesecake: Though this was good but was not something you would want to try after you have enjoyed that excellent pancake.

Crepe suzette: This was crepes topped with orange sauce and flambeed. The consistency of the orange sauce was a little dicey and the flavours went haywire.

Notwithstanding, the ambience, service, the starters and the mains more than made up for it.
P.S. The restaurant is running a special offer for its four course meal that is priced at only Rs. 800/-. Not something you would want to miss. So hurry!!!

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