Sassy Spoon #reviewed

The Sassy Spoon was always on my wishlist  ever since it opened doors for the people in Pune. Thus, I was more than excited when the Team of Carpe Diem invited me to review the food at Sassy Spoon.

There was a Sassy Nano parked right outside the restaurant premises. Apparently there  are 5 sassy spoon nanos around the city at unknown locations. The one who spots the car get a Sassy treat. So look out for one.


We were served a host of cockatils but my favourite was the Kalakhatta one  called the Very Berry Khatta.  This was a concoction of fresh mulberries muddled with oranges, with a hint of grapes and Kala khatta.  This is a perfect summer drink and the kala khatta flavours reminded me of the times when I would sip on the kala khatta gola at Juhu Beach.

The Soul Cooler was another innovative cocktail with kokum, lemon, cilantro, green chillies. This was a delightful and a very potent combination.

Now was time for the starters..

Nachos:  This was the  first dish  that came my way and it was loaded with tomato salsa and cheese sauce. It was love at first bite. The nacho chips were one of the best I have had.

Veg Bruschettas:  These Bruschettas  were topped with tomatoes, cheese and herbs and rounded off with crunchy caramalised onions. The slight flavor of egg plant was its USP. Must say that it lent interesting flavor to the bruschettas.

Sri Lankan Spiced Chicken Poi with Spice Onions : These were the mini buns stuffed with pulled chicken. The dish definitely looks interesting and is great on taste too. But just wish that the buns were a little smaller as the dish tends to taste a bit dry.

The Mushroom Fricassee was served in a brioche bun over a bed of tomato basil sauce. The buttery mushrooms were cooked to perfection, tender that they melt in the mouth. The salsa sauce smeared on the side complements the flavours of the dish .

The Cajun Spiced Butter Garlic Prawns with Crusty French Baguette : I am a great lover of sea food but the prawns disappointed me a bit. I loved the Cajun spiced garlic butter. It particularly tasted great with the French baguette.

Moving on to the Mains…

Spaghetti with Lemon Beurre Noisette, Parmesan and Roasted Almonds :

This dish is a must try here. Though I was left with no appetite by the end of my starters, I still managed to polish off this dish for the simple reason that it was cooked to perfection- al dente! This was subtle, light on flavours but yet the lemon and the almond lent their nutty lemony flavours to the dish. The parmesan shavings on the pasta- it screamed heaven!

The best part of the evening, the Desserts…


We got to partake in the desserts from Sassy Teaspoon which is just beside the restaurant. From macaroons to delightful cupcakes, this is one stop shop for Desserts.

I loved the macaroons, the chocolate cake and the cupcakes topped with clotted cream.

Sassy Spoon calls for an affluent evening out with friends. The al fresco seating and the great food sure is a crowd puller.

A big thank you to Shivangi Shah from Carpe Diem who was  a great host for the evening.

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