Kinki, Balewadi High Street #review

An exciting new restaurant at Balewadi High Street that serves “post molecular” cocktails and innovative sushis.

Pune’s BHS promenade is a hot spot for restaurants and cafés, but Kinki is perhaps one of the most exciting sushi bars serving post molecular” cocktails  opened in recent times. While for most ‘kinki’ would conjure up something ‘sexy’ but the inspiration behind Kinki comes from a place in the south central region of Japan known for its food. Kinki conjures up “post molecular” cocktails that are made with science lab-like techniques and are designed to be “experienced”.
Kinki scores right at the outset with its location, located in the hip Balewadi high street area. The ambience is suitably futuristic, with shiny reflective mirrors at the bar and a colourful ceiling. The bar is lined with all sorts of science-lab equipment. High tables and chairs at the entrance are modern but we preferred the seating outside- thanks to the breezy outdoors.

The cocktail menu is elaborate and the drinks are exquisite with the bartenders  explaining the story and the process of making each cocktail. The cocktail names also pay homage to famous locations in Japan. For example the ‘Tokyo Midtown’ which is a vodka based drink with dry ice all around. Though it was a  little dramatic, but we enjoyed the drink nonetheless.

The Smoked Pimms Cup was a ginger ale based cocktail that was drummed up with a smoking gun.

Amongst other cocktails, were the Kinki air, Madam Luxe, Zen green tea, Pablo etc.

To go with the drinks, we had a round of dimsums and sushis. The Prawns hargao dimsum was perfectly made and absolutely addictive.

The Edamame and truffle oil dimsums looked and tasted delectable.
We then turned our attention to the sushi menu which is replete with authentic flavours. My favourite was the prawns sushi and the chicken asparagus sushi that was served on a Titanic platter.

An interesting version of a typical lettuce wrap was the Chicken and ginger geozha with  lettuce.  This was followed by the mains- the Vietnamese pho, the basil chicken and Kaeng Phet Koong which was grilled prawns cooked in a thai red paste, broccoli and Bamboo Shoot stir fry.

Amongst the desserts,  our favourite was the Japanese cheesecake that was a melt in the mouth experience. The owner told us that they had just introduced this dessert. And rightly so because we couldn’t find that on their Zomato menu.

The lychee and berry baobing was a perfect summer dessert that looked no less than a cocktail- shaved ice, condensed milk topped with lychees and berries.

Meal for two: Rs. 1500 without alcohol

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