1 bhk Superbar Baner #reviewed

Warm ambience, wooden paneling and a bar occupying centre stage- this is what you would first notice at this chic upscale bar and eatery in Baner. Though situated off high street, the ambience and the crowd more than makes for it.

But its not only the ambience, the food and cocktails are also sheer class. With the choicest of dishes from Italian to Lebanese to Indian, this uber cool eatery is a must visit.

We started the evening with a choice of two cocktails – basil mojito and blood on the dance floor. If the mojito was tropical, the blood on the dance floor was, as the name suggests, prepared with watermelon juice. It was tasty and well presented- served in a scooped out watermelon.

There are a plethora of options for starters but we tried the following:

  1. 1 BHK jerk chicken : This a Jamaican styled chicken- succulent and the spices are spot on. Its a great way to experience a different cuisine.

  1. Chicken Souvlaki – This one is a Mediterranean dish but the chef has done full justice to it. The chicken is tender and does not feel dry.

  1. Seven Pepper chicken tikka- Served in a cocktail glass, the seven pepper packs in a punch with its fusion of Indian and Mediterranean spices. Garnished with olives and served on a bed lettuce leaves adds an interesting twist to the dish. Also, not to forget the salad that is served on the side.

  1. 1 bhk secret marination of prawns with hummus and Pita- This dish was the star of the menu. The prawns were fresh and served on a bed of hummus alongside pita bread- were a match made in heaven.

For the mains we dug into a butterchicken platter and herb grilled chicken in wine jus.

Both the dishes were stellar. If the chicken was high on the health quotient, the butter chicken seemed right out of a dhaba from the hinterland.

It is this dexterity of the chef that was commendable. The restaurant attempts to put together dishes from different countries and to make them stellar- that sets the restaurant apart from the rest. I think the dishes do full justice to the place they hail from.

A big applause to the chef and to the restaurant for putting together a global cuisine.

The service and the staff looked after us very well. The manager was great on suggestions.

All in all a perfect place to visit on weekdays as well as weekends.

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